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Aunt Daisy and the Dancing Cossacks
(New Zealand, Exempt, 70mins)

A collection of cinema and television advertising made between 1930 and 2000 of seriously funny New Zealand history. The cars we drove, the bands we watched, the slacks we wore... combined with stylish graphics and animation.

Epi Shalfoon & His Melody Boys, 1930 
New Zealand's first music promotion. 'Watch the newspaper this band will be playing real dance music in your town soon. Filmcraft.

Powdered Sunshine, 195- 
Aunt Daisy instructs the ideal housewife how to make milky jam pudding. Robert Steele Motion Pictures for Anchor Milk Company.

Jockey Underwear, 196- 
Actor, Peter Harcourt dressed in white underwear. This advertisement was made by Pacific films for television transmission but was deemed unacceptable by NZBC.

Dale Slacks and Shorts, 196- 
Father and son take a dunking in the pool. Luckily these slacks 'never need ironing.' Peach Wemyss

Young Miss & Young Mister New Zealand, 1963 
A promotion for the Philips Young Miss and Mister NZ contest. The prizes are a year on the Continent at a finishing school, for Miss NZ while Mister NZ will be sent to an American university. Reynolds Films.

Cossack Shave Pack, 196- 
'When men reach for their blades ..women become slaves.' Haines.

Gregg's Coffee: Different Faces, 197-
Shows a multicultural New Zealand (the first NZ advertisment to do so). Pacific Films
New Zealand is Yours, Go There Now, 1972 
Craig Scott walks along the beach, singing, accompanied by a large number of young people. Tourist & Publicity.

The Company That Lost a Miracle, 1975 
An in house spoof made by Pacific Films staff, contains genuine outtakes from Harpic Flushmatic commercials ... 'it's just like magic'

National Party: Superannuation, 1975 
Sophisticated political advertising was used in the election campaign suggesting Labour's tax policies verged on communism - this ad shows the dancing Russian cossacks. Colenso.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: Hugo, 1975-80 
Two fat children misbehave until they are satiated with fried chicken. Colenso.

Toyota Hi-Lux - Barry & Scottie, 1982 
National icon, Barry Crump, and his less capable urban counterpart. Colenso, Silver Screen.

Fernleaf Butter, Not as Nice as Home, 1989 
Dad picks up Sam from school and shows her his new flat. This was the first broken family scenario on NZ television. Each ad in the series used a soap opera format. Saatchi & Saatchi/ Lee Tamahori.

Lemon & Paeroa - World Famous in New Zealand, 199- 
Paeroa: 'It ain't famous for its fashion boutiques ... but it is famous!' Saatchi & Saatchi, Black Stump.

Toyota Hi-Lux: Bugger, 2000 
A series of improbable farming accidents that draw the reply "bugger" from the recipients. Saatchi & Saatchi.