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The Film Archive presents the Johnsonville and Khandallah Film Show
Piano Accompaniment by David Beattie

God Save the Queen

Opening Ceremony for Ngauranga Gorge 1938
Crowds gather in front of a podium beside the Ngauranga Gorge Road. Various dignitaries address the crowd and a woman cuts a ribbon to open the highway

Wedding of Denzil & Marget Brown 1951
This amateur film was made by EJ Brown of his son’s wedding to Marget McKenzie. Marget recalled recently that the wedding was just 6 years after the end of WWII, and this fact combined with the bride’s Scottish family made it a “sensible” wedding. Sensible in the way that the bride and her sisters made their own dresses, the bride’s mother did the flowers in church and the reception was held mid afternoon in the Presbyterian Church Hall, Khandallah.

Khandallah School,1964 - 65
School children in the play ground and at work in their class rooms. Children play softball, rugby and perform gymnastics.

From Cow to Cone - The Tip Top Story, 195-
The manufacture of Tip Top ice cream is explained. The film is set at the Tip Top factory in Johnsonville. Camera: C.K. Townsend

New Zealand Sound-Scenes: The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall, 1933
Items from an early newsreel with sound recorded by Jack Welsh and cinematography by Lee Hill and Rudall Hayward. Clips include the demolition of a 165 foot chimney at Johnsonville to make way for a new road, and a promotion for a fashionable new caravan.

Power from the River, 1947 excerpt
A rousing Government film on the use of electricity in the home, on the farm and in the factory. This excerpt shows the Wellington Control Room, the 2YA Radio Station, and scenes set at the Wellington Railway Station including a pushy Selwyn Toogood rushing to get onto the next train to Johnsonville. Also includes a snippet of the National Symphony Orchestra and the “Peter Pan Cabaret.

Powdered Sunshine 1952, excerpt
The ideal 1950s housewife is instructed by Aunt Daisy on how to make a milky jam pudding. Made by Robert Steele Motion Picture Productions for Anchor Milk Company.

The Courtesy Club 1961
An instructional film on road safety and the ‘Courtesy Club’ which promotes courteous driving habits. A group of Australian tourists are shown around Wellington, where driving habits leave a lot to be desired. The cast includes members of the Wellington Vintage Car Club and Lions Club. Produced by John O’Shea for Pacific Films.

Classic Television Advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s

Toehold on a Harbour, 1966
A colourful impression of Wellington city, hills, winding streets, busy people and strong winds. Produced by the National Film Unit.

Newsline: Tuesday 09/12/1986, excerpt
News and talkback on school uniforms. Neil Pitches, the Principal of Onslow College defends the decision of the school to abandon uniforms in the early 1970s.

Artsville 2008: Architect of Dreams, excerpt
Ian Athfield is a celebrated, award-winning Architect, whose practice spans almost 40 years. At the heart of Athfield's practice is his own monumental Athfield House on the Khandallah hillside. Part family home, part office, a village almost. Produced by Messenger Films/TVNZ.