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Media type
Moving image
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Rights Information
Media type
Moving image
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
New Zealand National Picture
Commentator: Michael Forlong
Scenario: R H Johnston
Director: Cyril James Morton
Director: R H Johnston
Photography: R M McIntyre
Music: Frank Crowther
Recording: Free Grant
Produced For NZ Post: L J Schmitt
Telegraph Dept.: Government Film Studios
Telegraph Dept.: Dept Of Tourist
Telegraph Dept.: L J Schmitt
Scenario: Cyril James Morton

The workings of the New Zealand Postal Service with the distribution and delivery of mail.

Post Office building and Railway Station, Wellington. Correspondence School, with a letter floating through each frame, also Civic Chambers and Parliament Buildings.
People at work, in a factory, office. C.U. of typing. Postmen clearing the boxes.
People posting letters at the Post Office, which go through the chutes into a basket.
The mail sorting process. Men sorting letters into bundles which are then postmarked, and sorted into pigeon holes.
Man tying letters and depositing them in bags, which are tied, labelled and dispatched by truck to the railway station, where they are loaded onto postal van. Overseas mail is loaded onto a ship by crane.
Mail being loaded into the 'Royal Mail Airliner's' nose and wing compartments, passengers board, and the plane “Kaka”, takes off.
Interior of mail sorting van, where 'sorters prepare mail for the stations ahead'. The train stops, and mail is exchanged.
Awatea arriving at wharf. The mail is then loaded onto and off the ship.
Thomas, the mail office boy, looking at stamps on envelopes.
Posties at work, sorting the mail, then delivering to houses in the town and country.
Rural mailcar, delivering to farms.
River boat - A log train, both 'faithful servants of the outback mail'.
Review of mail sorting process - sorting, loading, delivering.
People posting letters: children, soldiers, businessman. M.S. of mother reading her son's letter.
Pennies dropping on a table, followed by a M.S. of a postman superimposed on a turning globe. 'For but a few pence, your letter holds the key to the 'Royal Mail Services'.
Title, “The Royal Mail. A New Zealand National Picture”, over GPO logo.