Media type
Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Item unavailable online
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
Neuline Film Studios
Director: Robert Steele
Photography: Steele Photography
Sponsored: The Farmers’ Trading Company Ltd

A promotional film for Farmers’ Department store in Hobson Street Auckland. Follows two women as they catch a bus to the store; take the elevator to the children’s playground on the roof top; have afternoon tea; go shopping and finally take the Farmers’ free tram home.

One woman orders a food parcel for Britain. She chooses from a range of contents at varying prices .

“From Factory and Farm come the goods for a Modern Department Store”
Shows a factory, a steam train and trucks pulling up at a loading bay. One is laden with Oak Jams .
“The goods arrive at New Zealand’s largest department store”
Farmers’ - pan of the building
“Free Transport by silent modern Electric Trolley buses convey Customers swiftly and comfortably to the store.”
People getting on buses, two women catching the elevator in the store.
“Roof playground”
a playground for the kids on the roof.
“A beautiful panorama of Auckland can be viewed from the Farmers’ observation Tower.”
“A cup of afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings”
“The goods are attractively displayed”
“Radio Department”
wonderful display of radios.
“furniture department”
beds, lounge suites, dining tables
“Pets department”
“A modern bathroom is displayed”
“Crockery department”
“Sporting goods”
“Tailoring department”
“Dress goods department”
‘“The showroom”
“Britain needs food”
“Over half a million parcels have been dispatched Overseas from this department store”
“Another parcel is ordered”
Overseas food parcels stand, lists of content of parcels - woman paying for a parcel, man ringing it up on the till.
“Free tram”
“Service behind the scenes”
“Lamson Carriers and Tubes for speed”
message carrying system
“From grocery to office”
“Office tube station to Order Department”
“Order gets number P4403”
“Checked - label and declaration”
“Via lamson again to assembly benches”
“Via shute to dispatch”
parcel with Mr John Bull’s address on it
“P.4403 is now ready, and details filed for reference”
“The 12,000 mile journey to Britain commences”
“Production, distribution, delivery all bound together”
“A Parcel for Britain”
“The End. This film was kindly sponsored by The Farmers’ Trading Co. Ltd. Hobson Street, Auckland. Neuline Film”