Media type
Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Photography: John Chisnall Routley

This black and white silent amateur film documents scenes of rural life including sheep being dipped and lively sheep dogs. Also of note is footage of the Waiwera and Wenderholm area north of Auckland and footage of the Buselich brothers who established a trucking and transport business in Kaitaia and were instrumental in assisting the construction of the Cape Reinga lighthouse.

Close Up: Photo of young girl amidst flowers [on grave or coffin].
General Views: Sheep entering plunge sheep dip and being pushed under water by pole.
General Views: Rural forested hills silhouetted by the sun.
High Shot - General Views: Overlooking the Waiwera river and Waiwera beach shoreline (from the north).
High Shot - General Views: Overlooking Puhoi river and Wenderholm.
General Views: Short Empire flying boat ZK-AMA “Aotearoa" (in service with TEAL) moored in [Waitemata] harbour.

Steam locomotive with passenger cars steaming past signals box.
Tracking Shot: From trains passenger car as it passes railway lines and passes under small road bridge.

General Views: Young boy posing for camera in garden and playfighting with other boy

Tram with sign “Roslyn - New Zealand’s Pride” turning corner into street - Traffic officer with white gloves stands directing traffic at intersection.

High Shot - General Views”: Overlooking waves rolling in towards beach - Pohutukawa in foreground.
High Shot: Overlooking wharf at Waiwera and Mahurangi island.
General Views: Water cascading down small waterfall [possibly a natural hot water spring in the Waiwera area].

Cat sitting on fencepost while sheepdog stands on hind legs with paws on farm gate.
General Views: Two very active and happy sheepdogs (border collie) standing on hind legs looking over farm gate and being patted.
Dog scrambling over farm gate.

Group of well dressed women smiling for camera.
Older man posing for camera.
Two well groomed men in suits (Marko Buselich) smiling for camera.
General Views: Group of well dressed Māori and Pākehā women smiling for camera.
Three well dressed men smiling for camera.
Marko Buselich and another man, both sharply dressed in suit and tie, pose for camera with 1938 Chevrolet pickup truck.
Well dressed man sitting in Chevrolet truck with sign “No. 4” Buselich Brothers, Phone [no.], Contractor, Okaihau, Kaitaia”.
Well dressed man posing in front of Chevrolet truck.

Close Up: Police officer walking past camera, silhouetted by light coming through window.
Man raising glass of beer to camera, drinking and smoking.
Man looking at camera and smoking (very dark).
General Views: Large car maneuvering outside service station.

Man in field with shotgun grinning and raising brace of pheasants up for camera.
Two women smiling for camera (quite dark).
General Views: Two men in suits lighting cigarettes with matches and smiling for camera while smoking.