Media type
Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Photgraphed: Raymond Paterson

This amateur film is believed to have been shot during the Gore Gala Week in the 1960’s. It features entertainment, races, stage magicians and clowning.

GV Children wearing crash helmets racing trolley’s down incline on road - crowds watch on roadside.
INTERTITLE: ‘GORE FESTIVAL’. Scenes at festival grounds. GV Young girls and boys performing highland dance on platform.
GV Men racing bicycles on dirt track at showgrounds.
GV Police Officers / Dog handlers leading alsatian police dogs through their paces on field at showground - dog jumps through burning hoop, scales high wall (with some difficulty) and pursues and restrains ‘criminal’.
GV Parade down street including convoy of Fiat Bambina’s, hot rods and Vespa scooters. Brass marching band, marching girls, decorated floats, people on horseback, cars towing small boats on trailers.
Crowds arriving at showgrounds.
People seated in grandstand.
GV Dignitaries, officials and various speakers on platform at showgrounds.
GV Beauty contest entrants walking on platform and speaking into microphone.
Beauty contest entrants standing on platform holding numbered signs.
GV Magician Burns Scandrett AKA ‘DeLarno’ performing tricks on stage in front of crowd of children.
GV ‘Delarno’ hypnotises woman and performs the “sword suspension” illusion where she is laid out on her back balanced atop swords.
Woman on stage being presented with prize.
LS Plane flying overhead silhouetted against sky.
GV Couples demonstrating Scottish country dance on field at showground - dancing reels and strathspeys.
GV Cars driving in rally leaving start point
GV Line of cars on road being inspected - crowds on roadside.
Go-Karts parked on roadside with crowd standing nearby.
GV Go-Karts being raced on street track.
Pipe band marching on street.
GV People in costume in street parade.
GV Men dressed in clown costumes walking on awning above road.
GV Man dressed up in wig and dress posing for camera and walking on street.
GV People riding scooters in formation on showground.
Gv Men dressed in clown costumes performing tricks at showground including riding over man laying on ground with plank on him.
People performing acrobatics while riding scooters in formation.
People in clown costumes ‘jousting’ from the back of scooters.
GV Person performing tricks on scooter - driving over ramp and performing a jump, driving through paper screen.
Beauty pageant entrants standing on stage in swimwear.
Gv Beauty pageant contestants being presented with prizes and flowers, posing for photos, walking from stage.
GV Crowds of people standing talking and walking from grandstand.
Youths racing bicycles on dirt track on showground.
GV Old stock cars being raced around dirt track - many 1940’s and 1950’s model cars with panels and bonnets missing, dented and rusted, poor suspension.
GV Bouquets of flowers on display in vases.
HS Overlooking people walking past bouquets of flowers on display in hall.
CU GV Chrysanthemum flowers and roses.