CAMPBELL LIVE. 09/11/2007

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“Campbell Live has obtained the evidence collected by police which was given to the Solicitor General in an effort to charge people under the Terrorism Suppression Act. The material has not been made public. It is part of the shroud of secrecy that has surrounded the whole "anti-terror raids" business. The problem with such secrecy is that something always fills the vacuum it creates. Politicians wade in, the media have a field day - everyone expresses their opinion.
As a result, whole communities get tarnished with these allegations. Yet what the evidence overwhelming shows us is that whole communities were not involved. In the evidence, the number of people saying things which may be described as violently anti-social numbers five. Campbell Live speaks with former senior police officer Ross Meurant and veteran activist John Minto.

In the tiny township of Ruatoki, yesterday's announcement from the Solicitor General was met with relief but anger. Campbell Live was invited to the local school where the community had gathered for Tuhoe's annual sports day.

Gardener of the Year.

How good are you at washing and drying your hands after going to a public toilet? The Health Department has released its first ever survey on our hand hygiene. The results are embarrassing. 13 percent did not wash their hands at all in public toilets, and it is men who are letting the side down, badly. Campbell Live brings you the facts and stats from inside the loo." TV3;; 13/11/2007

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Year 2007

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