60 MINUTES. 21/04/2008

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Arthur Garlick was president of the Black Power in Taranaki when he decided he would testify against his gang bros. His evidence helped put several men away for life and broke up an entire gang chapter.
It also changed his life forever. He had to say goodbye to friends and relatives and make a new life for himself in another country. But after 12 years of secrecy, he decided he could not stand it any longer. He summoned 60 Minutes to a secret location, to explain how devastating it is to leave your life behind and take on a new identity in a strange land.
At grave personal risk, he has come out to show his face on national television and give an exclusive interview to 60 Minutes about life on the witness protection programme.


If you are wealthy in America, the standard of your health care is likely to be first class. But for the almost 50 million Americans without health insurance, and the millions more who are under-insured, life is a constant worry.
60 Minutes Correspondent Scott Pelley witnesses the extraordinary sight of Americans queuing for desperately needed treatment at what looks like a Third World encampment.
And that’s what it is – a massive clinic set up by a charity which was designed to provide emergency care in the world’s poorest countries. Today, it is doing 60% of its work at home in the United States.
The British founder of the charity lives in an abandoned school and, until recently, showered with a hose in the courtyard. He says the most heartbreaking part of his job is having to turn away countless patients due to limited resources.


Justin Jones and James Castrission spent a very long 62 days at sea – including Christmas Day – to be the first people to travel from Australia to New Zealand by kayak.
They faced huge seas that forced them backwards, 10-metre waves that threatened to overturn their canoe, sharks which seemed intent on getting into the boat and several moments that really tested their friendship - and all of it was caught on camera.
Correspondent Liz Hayes witnessed the jubilant arrival of the two Aussie battlers in Taranaki and re-lived their most terrifying moments with them as they showed her the footage they had shot on their gruelling journey.'' TVNZ; tvnz.co.nz; 08/05/2008

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Year 2008

Reference number F106178

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Series 60 MINUTES

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 1:00:00

Production company TV3 Network Services

Location information

Credits Presenter: Mike McRoberts

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