1937 Pan Am Samoan Clipper

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1) The Samoan Clipper arrives in Auckland from San Francisco, via Pago Pago. Report of the arrival of the first scheduled Pan American airways flying boat on Auckland Harbour. [This is the second Pan American clipper flight, after the initial survey flight in March 1937]
Commentary by 1ZB announcers Peter Hutt and John Stannage, with Hawaiian steel guitar music playing in the background.
Three cheers are given once the plane touches down and the commentators remark on how young the crew are with the exception of Captain Musick.
The commentators make further remarks about the number of photographers jostling to get pictures of the crew.
Prime Minister Michael Savage, welcomes the crew on behalf of the government and people of New Zealand and hopes their flight will strengthen ties between the American people and New Zealand and Captain Edwin Musick replies, saying they are glad to be back in New Zealand. He mentions new machines are being built in Seattle for this route, with one already christened 'The South Seas Clipper'. He wishes everyone a happy New Year. Three cheers again.

Recorded 26 Dec 1937. Duration: 5'36"

2) 1ZB announcer Beaumont Shiel broadcasts on the departure of the clipper for Sydney and the return journey to Hawaii (with music playing in the background).
"1ZB Auckland calling 2UW Sydney. In a few moments we will broadcast the actual takeoff of the Pan American Airways Clipper ship returning after survey flight from San Francisco to Auckland, returning as far as Honolulu. The aircraft will be leaving at 4pm." He then crosses to "George" in the studio for a spoken advertisement for "George Courts, the big store on Karangahape Road, which brings you this detailed description of the departure of the clipper, one of the historical moments that Auckland will always remember."
Live commentary of the clipper departing continues with two announcers, with sound effects of plane in the background. 'Poatarau/ Now Is The Hour" is performed by 1ZB announcer Lu Paul, with guitar accompaniment.
The commentators speak over occasionally. 1ZB farewells the crew.
Duration: 4'04"

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Year 1937

Reference number 36100

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits Savage, Michael Joseph (b.1872, d.1940), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Musick, Edwin, 1894-1938, Speaker/Kaikōrero
HUTT, Peter, Announcer
Stannage, John Stanley Warburton, fl. 1929-1952, Announcer
Shiel, Beaumont, Announcer
Paul, Lou, 1911-1943, Performer
1ZB (Radio station : Auckland, N.Z.)

Duration 00:09:40

Date 26 Dec 1937