Wahine Day

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A documentary which looks back on the events surrounding the sinking of the inter-island ferry 'Wahine'. Includes interviews with survivors.
[Large amount of dramatic background music and sound effects.]

Interview with survivor Graham Wilson who recounts his escape from the sinking ferry. [see ID35811]
An unidentified narrator recounts the events leading up to the sinking.
Excerpt of a radio voice report [by Paddy O'Donnell] describing the sinking [see ID35818]
Survivors begin to come ashore at Eastbourne and Seatoun - sound from television coverage of this, including interviews with unidentified male survivors.
Unidentified man [police officer?] gives details of bodies recovered and people still listed as missing.
Excerpt of radio voice report by Paddy O'Donnell.

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Reference number 38653

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Duration 00:17:10

Date [1970s]

Subject Wahine (Ship)
Wellington (N.Z.)/New Zealand