Te Puna Wai Korero - Ngāti Whatua and Bastion Point

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Whai Ngata presents an episode of Te Puna Wai Kōrero, featuring the eviction of protestors from Bastion Point in Auckland. This is followed by a bulletin of news in Māori.

Whai Ngata interviews protest leader Joe Hawke, who points out that their occupation is of the ancestral land of Ngāti Whātua.
Robert Muldoon, the M.P. for Tāmaki has refused to meet with the tangata whenua. He comments on support of elders from within Ngāti Whātua - citing it as a "just stand", although some people are willing to capitulate.
He likens Ngāti Whātua's stand to that of native Americans and the Battle of Wounded Knee.
Joe Hawke details the past history of evictions of Ngāti Whātua from their land in Ōrākei, which was seen as the gateway to the wealthy eastern suburbs of Auckland. His great-great-grandfather was pressured to sell the land that is now Pariatai Drive and this will be the fourth time they have been evicted from their papa kāinga.
Joe Hawke details the personal cost of the protest but reiterates that they will not give up, recalling the slogan of the [1975] land rights march, "Not one more acre of Māori land."

Whai Ngata gives a background history of the land at Bastion Point.
Actuality of the eviction: the trespass warning announcement given by George McMillan, the Commissioner of Crown Lands via loud-hailer
Sonny Waru, one of the protest elders, addresses the people.
Further addresses by both sides via loud-hailers.
Protestors sing "Pō karekare ana" while the trespass warnings are repeated by George McMillan and Commissioner of Police Bill Overton.
Sonny Waru gives details of the words of support from Dame Te Atairangikāhu at Ngāruawāhia, given to Joe Hawke.
Whai Ngata ends the programme by noting a large police and army presence now occupies the land at Bastion Point.

News in Māori read by Whai Ngata - coverage in te reo Māori of the evictions at Bastion Point - Takaparawha. [The bulletin begins with actuality of the demolition of the buildings erected on the land.]
Actuality of trespass warning given by George McMillan, Commissioner of Crown Lands.
Actuality of address in Māori by a kaumātua of Takaparawha [Sonny Waru?]
Whai Ngata ends the bulletin.

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Year 1978

Reference number 40403

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits Hawke, Joe, Speaker/Kaikōrero
McMillan, George, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Ngata, Whai, Producer
Waru, Sonny, -1988 (d.1988), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Overton, Bill, Speaker/Kaikōrero

Duration 00:24:49

Date 25 May 1978