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In this programme, Hēnare Te Ua interviews Dame Georgina Kirby Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rakaipaaka) about the project, "Maioha - Ngā Reo o Aotearoa," which is a series of radio interviews with Māori women.

This is an initiative of the Waiatarau, Freeman's Bay branch of the New Zealand Māori Women's Welfare League. It is to mark the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The concept was to celebrate Māori women - 'maioha' referring to the karanga given by women to welcome visitors onto marae.

Dame Georgina explains the vision of the Maioha project. The women were interviewed in whichever language they were most comfortable in, but about 50 percent of the interviews are in te reo Māori.

She talks about the role of Māori women and the suffrage campaign of the 1890s. She says the pākēha Women's Christian Temperance Union which was campaigning for the vote, encouraged Māori women to sign their petitions, but also a pledge, saying that they would not drink smoke and would give up the moko.

She and Henare discuss the role of women on the marae and the right of women to stand and speak on the marae of some iwi, such as Ngāti Porou and Ngāti Kahungunu. She also talks about the role of weaving in Māori society.

Songs were written to enhance the "Maioha" project. Puhi Rangiaho and Tawani Rangihau were commissioned to produce the series.
Henare explains the English language interviews will feature in the programme 'He Rerenga Kōrero' and those in te reo Māori will feature in 'Te Reo o te Pipiwharauroa.'

Dame Georgina ends by thanking the women who were involved in the "Maioha" project.

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Year 1993

Reference number 42514

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits te Ua, Henare, 1933-2007, Interviewer
Kirby, Georgina K., Interviewee

Duration 00:00:00

Date 23 Oct 1993