Morning report. 1997-05-13

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0616 NEWS STORY: PETROL PRICES - International Energy Agency report suggests NZers paying too much and lack of competition in industry is to blame. Vox pops on current price of petrol. IRAN - EARTHQUAKE - International Red Cross appeal for $8 million to help estimated 50,000 people left homeless in eastern iran. Latest estimates put death toll at close to 4,000. (BBC)
0626 SPORTS STORY: CRICKET - NZ takes early lead in 1-day tournaent in India, beating Pakistan by 22 runs. I/v with coach Steve Rixon. (Mng Rpt)
0630 NEWS
0636 NEWS STORY: ABORTION Supervisory Committee calls for more public debate on role education plays in reducing climbing abortion rate. CH's Papanui High School runs extensive sex education programme - comment from health co-ordinator Vanda Mckerchar on how programme works. (Clare Pasley)
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: INTEREST RATES - MONETARY CONDITIONS - no-frills money lender Ergo wants Reserve Bank to stop tinkering. Managing director Graeme Meyer concened at Reserve Bank fine-tuning as frequently as it is. (Leigh-Anne Wiig) INTEREST RATES - Real Estate Inst disappointed at Reserve Bak direction for interest rates to firm, on eve of Inst's latest monthly interest rates survey which shows significant number of lenders cutting floating rates to under 9%. (Leigh-Anne Wiig) SHOPPING MALL - Australian retailer David Jones pulls out Quay Park Mall development of AK waterfront, leading to doubt over the Mall's future. Commen from Robin Sheffield, managing dirctor of Quay Park Mall. (Maria Slade) FINANCE/MARKETS CARTER HOTL HARVEY - forecasters predicts dramatic slump in annual result because of weakness in international commodity prices. David Stanley, forest products analyst with Doyle Patterson Brown, expects CHH to post profit of $2 million, down around 45% on last year. (Leigh-Anne Wiig) AUSTRALIA - BUDGET day, with predictions that Treasure Peter Costello will illegible out to trim spending. BUSINESS BRIEFS
0700 NEWS PETROL PRICE - International Energy Agency report says oil company profit margins are rising, while exporters accuse companies of exploiting consumers and say it's tie for govt to act to bring petrol prices under control. (Karen Gregory-Hunt); live i/v with Rowan McCrae, spokesperson for Mobil Oil NZ; live i/v with Steven Gale, research economist NZIER. ABORTION - Education minister Wyatt Creech defends school curriculum covering sex education, following rise in abortion rate. Abortio Supervisory Committee says key to lowering rate is education, especially in schools. (Clare Pasley) CHILD HEALTH - Health ministers due to meet RHAs troday in effort to sort out issue to deal with issue of free child healthcare. I/v with Labour leader Helen Clark who;s also tried to deal with issue as Health minister - what chance is there of getting doctors to agree to fixed price contract? POLL - latest One Network News Colmar Brunton poll shows Labour is leading in popularity stakes at 42%, ahead of National's 38%. Helen Clark now most preferred as PM. Is Labour winning by default? I/v with Political editor Karen Fisher.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS FINANCE update with Gyles Beckford. INTEREST RATES - falling home mortgage rates seems to have been arrested by Reserve Bank message that conditions should be tighter, reversal of statement weeks ago. Have mortgage rates bottomed out and why has Reserve Bank changed its mind? Live i/v with Economics correspondent Bronwen Evans. IRAN - EARTHQUAKE - Iranian Red Crescent says rescue workers will comb quake-stricken areas once more for survivors and bodies before winding up operations. I/v with aid worker Cathy Squire about latest casualty figure of 4,000 dead. (Mng Rpt) RUSSIA - CHECHNYA - President Yeltsin signs peace deal with Chechnya, promisin end to 400 years of intermittent conflict. I/v with correspondent Andrew Harding. (Mng Rpt)
0800 NEWS/WEATHER PETROL PRICE - Alan Jenkins, architect of policy which deregulated NZ's oil industry, says more regulation would help bring down petrol prices, says oil companies should be made to share basic facilities so new companies can enter market; live i/v with Energy minister Max Bradford. EVEREST - Bad weather preventing search for 5 mountaineers missing, presumed dead, on northern face of mountain. Comment from NZ leader of another expedition, Guy Cotter. (Clare Sziranyi) INTERNATIONAL PAPERS AUSTRALIA - BUDGET - Treasurer Peter Costello promises it will boost economy and crate jobs, expected to encourage savings, encourage small business and provide more funding for care of aged. I/v with "Australian Financial Review" political reporter Michelle Grattan. ABORTION - latest figures show nearly 15,000 women had abortions in 1996, increase of 9% over previous year. Health minister Bill English believes reasons for women having abortions are more complex than acknowledged - he's i/ved. (Mng Rpt) ABORTION - NETHERLANDS has lowest rate of abortion and teenage pregnancy in world. Live i/v with Doortje Braeken, International Planned Parenthood Fedn.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS DRUGS/SCHOOLS - WN police considering proposal to start regular uniformed patrols of city schools in bid to combat drug abuse. District Cdr Gerry Cuneer says there's growing concern among principals about use of cannabis by students. He's i/ved live. SHOPPING MALL - Australian retailer David Jones pulls out of AK's Qauy Park Mall development, leaving developers to re-think plans. AK mayor Les Mills say loss of David Jones dept store will not affect city's waterfront renaissance. (Maria Slade) BRITAIN - NATO - Army chiefs launch pre-emptive strike at new Labour govt over plans to withdraw British Army from Nato service in Germany. (Keith Chalkley) HEALTH - EXERCISE - Hillary Commission wants doctors to issue "green" prescriptions i.e. advice on how physical activity can improve health and deal with ailments. (Kent Caddick); live i/v with researcher Dr Adrian Bauman. AUSTRALIAN SWIMMER Susie Moroney becomes 1st person to swim from Cuba to US took 24 hours. I/v with Channel 7 reporter Paul Marshall, who watched swimmer come ashore. (Mng Rpt)

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Year 1997

Reference number 59118

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Credits RNZ Collection

Date 13 May 1997

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