Morning report. 1998-04-17

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0616 NEWS STORY: CAMBODIA - POL POT - journalists confirm they've seen body of former Khmer Rouge leader, dispelling lingering doubts about his death. BBC's Ruth Thorby looks back at the years of the "killing fields".
0625 SPORTS STORY RUGBY - live i/v with commentator Graeme Moodie about Super 12 competition.
0636 NEWS STORY: BYELECTION - smaller political parties wins victory re representation in opinion polls. One Network News/Colmar Brunton poll prompted complaints that voters not offered full list of candidates. Comment from Green party's Rod Donald, United NZ Party leader Peter Dunne, and Ewen McQueen, Christian Heritage Party. (Kathryn Street)
0639 INTERNATIONAL PAPERS illegible MANA NEWS WAITANGI TRIBUNAL - lawyer Moana Jackson claims Justice minister Doug Graham making thinly-veiled threats to discourage Tribunal from ordering return of Crown assets to iwi.
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: JAPAN - markets take pounding, Nikkei Index sheds more than 2.5%, currency also hit hard. G7 nations fail to take action to strengthen weakening yen, but Japan convinces others at G7 meeting in Washington it's govt situtation under control. Comment from economist Ron Bevacka, Merrill Lynch in Tokyo. (BBC) HOUSING SECTOR - ASB economist Rozanna Wozniak critical of those predicting sector is about to collapse, says current weak state of housing sector mirrors weaker state of economy. (Gyles Beckford) FINANCE/MARKETS FALSE ADVERTISING - Commerce Commission renews warning about scams, successfully prosecutes 2 publishing companies which lfasley invooiced companies for adverts never ordered. Companies fined record $67,000. Commission chair Peter Allport says companies should do more to protect themselves. (Gyles Beckford) illegible PIE - Progressive Enterprises wants to sell 15 leases it holds on fast food outlets around North Island. (Gyles Beckford) U.S. COMPUTER INDUSTRY - Compaq becomes latest to announce bad news. P[rice war means virtually no profits in latest quarter for world's largest PC maker and none expected in next quarter either. Comment from Allan Alper, "Computerworld" editor. CATHAY PACIFIC airline begins daily services into Auckland. Airline suffering considerably from Asian downturn. Managing director David Turnbull admits increasing services to NZ during major downturn is something of an act of courage. (Gyles Beckford)
0700 INTRO/NEWS AUSTRALIA - WATERFRONT TROUBLE - Toyota shutting down Melbourne plant because can't get parts off wharves; dipute leaves more than 3,000 containers of imported cargo stranded at Port Botany, Sydney; still picketers on Sydney docks despite court injuction; truck drivers calling for govt to sort out dispute, even bring in troops. Live i/v with Anne Woods. Road Transport Assn spokesperson. CAMBODIA - POL POT - photographer Dith Pran, portrayed in "The Killing Fields", bitter that Pol Pot has escaped justice. Feelings shared by book's author, journalist Sydney Schanberg; some Cambodians simply relieved by his death. Live i/v with Fergel Kean, BBC's former Asian correspondent. SOUTH AFRICAN RUGBY PLAYER Toks van der Linde sent home from NZ and will face disciplinary hearing after insulting black South African woman in CH bar. Western Stormers player called Bernardine Oram a "kaffir". Live i/v with Western Stormers manager Butch Watson Smith. BYELECTION - all indications are that National candidate Shane Ardern will win Taranaki-King Country seat. Race still on for 2nd place. Live i/v with Political correspondent Stephen Harris.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS NZ PAPERS FINANCE UPDATE CONSUMER PRICE INDEX released today. Annula inflation rate expected to be under 2% despite weaker dollar and soaring fruit and veg prices. Falling petrol prices helping keep lid on inflation. (Bronwen Evans) PAEDOPHILE TEACHER - Lloyd Brown sentenced to 2 years' jail for indecently assaulting 3 children from 1980-1995. 2 were pupils at AK's Kings School which found out about abuse when parent laid complaint with school in 1995, but didn't notify police or pass information on to education authorities, Live i/v with Kings School spokesperson David Williams. illegible - WATERFRONT TROUBLES - political leaders stating positions on dispute and using it to take shots at each other. Live i/v with canberra correspondent Michelle Grattan. FIRE ALARMS - issue of compulsory alarms again on political agenda after decision of AK licensing trust of give away thousands of free alarms and challenges others to follow suit. Move follows 4 house fire fatalities this month. Comment from Manukau Chief Fire Officer Ray Warbey, MP Clem Simich, Ross Dallow, Waitakere Licensing Trust. (Stephanie Baird); Fire Commission chair Roger Estall says safety in new buildings covered by legislation - what can be done about safety in existing houses? He's i/ved. (Mng Rpt)
0800 NEWS/WEATHER AUSTRALIA - WATERFRONT TROUBLES - Zandra Sharpe reports live from Sydney's Port Botany where picketers remain despite court injunctions; NZ unions discussing what can be done in NZ to show solidarity with sacked Patrick Stevedores workers. Live i/v with Ross Wilson, Council of Trade Unions vice president and general secretary of Rail and Maritime Transport Union. CAMBODIA - KHMER ROUGE - US says it will pursue efforts to bring senior Khmer Rouge leaders to justice despite Pol Pot's death. More than million Cambodians died under regime. Live i/v with Tbol Long, who left Cambodia to study in NZ illegible before Pol Pot came to power in 1975. BYELECTION - mood of the Taranaki-King Country electorate: Andrew McRae visits northern end, Otorohanga and Pio Pio. CORRECTION - LEASEHOLD LANDS - report yesterday said Taranaki lands were "soon to be returned to their owners". This did not properly express intention of the legislation (Key points set out) INTERNATIONAL PAPERS AMERICAS CUP - Hong kong's challenge will be without berth at AK's Viaduct Basin unless rent paid in full today. Speculation that challenge on rocks after string of unpaid bills. Live i/v with chief exec of Americas Cup Village, Rob Sutherland.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS WEATHER WORKSHOP SOCCER - big finale to National Summer Soccer League being held in Napier tomorrow, pitting Napier City against Central of Auckland. 75,000 registered players in NZ. (Barry Guy) U.S. SCANDAL - Paula Jones to appeal dismissal of sexual harassment case against President Clinton. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr says he's not giving-up wide-ranging investigation of President. Live i/v with correspondent Simon Marks. S E ASIAN FIRES - UN officials say thousands more firefighters needed to put out fresh fires raging on island of Borneo. Air pollution levels again reaching critical levels, some NZ families deciding to leave. (Andrea Rush) ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE- DN girl Christy Flaws named as leader of conference which will see 600 children come to NZ from around world, in partnership with UN Environment Programme. (Kiri Coughlan) FRIDAY FEEDBACK OZ SPOT - live i/v with correspondent Phil Kafcaloudes. (garden shops, court appearance by youth charged with destruction of art work, Olympic Games committee members quit)

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Year 1998

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Media type AUDIO

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Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

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Date 17 Apr 1998

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