ONE 6PM NEWS / FRONTLINE. 30/08/1992

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Main Stories:
Help finally started arriving at Canterbury’s more isolated farms today. Many have been cut off since the province was battered last week by its worst blizzards in decades. A break in the weather has allowed trucks and helicopters to take in desperately needed supplies, and the assistance may have come just in time. Speakers: Ged Foley (Rescue Co-ordinator), Jim Bolger (Prime Minister), Nigel Duckworth (Farmer).

While snow is the major cause, it’s not the only contributor to Canterbury’s disaster. Flooding and landslides are hurting a lot of people and about 150 homes still don’t have power. Speakers: Cecil Bramley (Prebbleton Resident), Peter Joblin (Green Park Farmer).

Not all Maori are happy with the historic Sealord deal to settle Maori commercial fishing claims. Auckland's Ngati Whatua says the deal doesn’t preserve rights guaranteed for all time under the Treaty of Waitangi and they say there should have been wider consultation before the deal was signed. Speakers: Joe Hawke (Ngati Whatua), Matiu Rata (Negotiator).

The Labour Party has criticised the huge cost of extending Community Service cards to superannuitants. The bill for administration and publicity has come to over $8 million, and according to Labour that’s not been money well spent. Speakers: Helen Clark (Opposition Health Spokesperson), Jenny Shipley (Social Welfare Minister).

Other Stories:
There are more problems for the legal profession tonight. Some people who invested through a Wellington law firm now risk losing their money. The firm says it’s been hit by the country’s harsh economic climate and some of the loans it’s made have turned sour. Speakers: John Cuttance (Lawyer), David Russell (Consumers’ Institute).

No-fly zone above Iraq.

Somalian famine.

Hurricane Andrew in the United States.

Immigration riots and support marches in East Germany.

Sydney Harbour tunnel opening.

Winfield Cup rugby league playoffs.

The National Provincial Netball Championship starts tomorrow, and Auckland’s grip on the title may be slipping. Speakers: Yvonne Willering (Auckland Coach), Leigh Gibbs (Canterbury Coach).

Rugby Union Division One and Two results and tables.

Belgium Formula One grand prix qualifying.

English First Division soccer.

Nutrition in the NFL.



“Duff Tales”.

Alan Duff was born to write. His Pakeha lineage includes writers and journalists like his grandfather Oliver, one-time editor of the “Christchurch Press” and founding editor of “The Listener”. But it was his Maori background that gave him the substance for his first award winning novel “Once Were Warriors”. Duff grew up on the mean streets of Rotorua, he ran away from home at 11, was in borstal at 13 and has spent time in prisons here and in Britain. A beer brawler from way back, his life story took a dramatic turn when his brother gave him a book of verse by Gerard Manley Hopkins. He now lives the good life in Hawke’s Bay. A profile of Duff on the eve of the publication of his second novel “One Night Out Stealing”.

Speakers: Alan Duff (Writer), Ernie Leonard (“Panui” July 1991),

“A Drop in the Ocean”.

It’s quite literally a drop in the ocean, one of the smallest nations in the world: Nauru. But this pint sized country is taking on its former colonial masters Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. Nauru is the phosphate island, super rich in fertiliser for the farm. During the time it was under the control of the three trust nations they mined, Nauruans say plundered, a third of it, paying Nauruans a pittance and leaving a scarred and barren landscape. When Nauru got independence in 1968, according to the Australians, they agreed they would make no claim against their former master for the environmental damage done. But the Nauruans have been to the International Court of Justice in the Hague and the court has agreed Australian must answer Nauruan claims for compensation. And that means New Zealand could be up for millions of dollars. A report from a nation which has forced its colonial masters to “tell it to the judge”.

Speakers: Carmen Willis (Journalist), Prof Barry Connell (Nauru Legal Adviser), Kinza Clodumar (Nauru Acting President), Senator Gareth Evans (Australian Foreign Minister), Don McKinnon (NZ Foreign Minister).


A report about the problems surrounding paid police informants in the “War on Drugs” in the United States.

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