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The Korean War ran from 1950 - 1953 and was fought between North Korea and South Korea with the United Nations and the Peoples Republic of China taking active roles in the conflict. New Zealand sent a contingent known as KayForce which arrived at Pusan on New Years Eve 1950 and then joined the 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade.

This amateur film was taken by Private Allan W. W. Wilson who served with K Force.

COL: Colourful Bus in city street (Korean characters / script on the side). PAN L Across City buildings on riverside. TRACKING SHOT From boat passing by small vessels moored on river [Han River, Seoul] and moving through harbour and under double span bridge - industrial buildings and chimneys on shoreline. New Zealand Army officer seated at rear of boat. PAN R Across warehouses on waterfront of harbour [Tokyo]. GV Small boats moving through harbour and towing barges. TRACKING SHOT LS Large double span suspension bridge seen from small boat moving through harbour [Tokyo]. TRACKING SHOT GV Small water craft and fishing boats moored at shoreline of harbour. PAN R Across floral funeral displays on roadside - people and traffic on roads. GV European men diving into large reservoir from diving board and swimming. PAN ACROSS Large reservoir with industrial buildings nearby. GV European children swimming in large reservoir with inflatable swimming aids. PAN R From SIGN “Tokyo Officers Mess Quarters” outside large building surrounded by fence to trees and houses. HS GV Commonwealth officers and soldiers walking outside [barracks] buildings.

PAN R Across snow covered jeeps and trucks parked behind wire perimeter of military base in winter. MS Soldier walking through snow towards camera. PAN ACROSS GV Quonset huts and vehicles at military base, snow on ground and large snow covered hills in BG. GV Guardhouse and roadblock at entrance to military camp - Snowy winter landscape. HS GV Overlooking Quonset huts, tents and others buildings of military base - surrounded by large hills. PAN R Across Korean men unloading bales and pallets from trucks. PAN ACROSS New Zealand Army personnel standing near truck and rural buildings. GV Korean civilians walking besides muddy road in village. TRACKING SHOT From vehicle driving onto bridge below SIGN This Project is part of Eighth Army’s Program of Aid in Rehabilitation of Korea“. TRACKING SHOT Driving across bridge past military and civilian trucks and cars. MS Tram driving along road. TRACKING SHOT Driving towards 1 of the 8 gates of Seoul. TRACKING SHOT EXT Japanese Government General building in Seoul. MS Soldier seated in jeep with SIGN “Regimental Police”. LS GV PAN R Column of M46 Patton tanks driving along hillside road. LS PAN L From tank advancing along road to column of trucks following behind. MS GV Jeep with SIGN “Military Police” parked near SIGN “No Parking”. LS Tank being towed backwards by engineering vehicle - raising cloud of dust from dirt road. TILT UP From New Zealand soldiers standing at guardhouse to flag atop flagpole TILT DOWN to NZ soldier walking away from guardpost. LS GV M46 Patton tanks advancing along road with column of military trucks following behind. GV US Army Bell 47 Helicopter flying overhead. GV Flight of US Amy H13 Sioux helicopters sitting on cleared ground with rotors idling.

GV British Army unit on parade [Black Watch, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, King’s Own Scottish Borderers]. Australian soldiers marching on parade. GV Various British and Commonwealth soldiers on parade. GV Morris C8 quads doing drive past parade towing 25 pounder artillery pieces [16th Field Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery]. British Army unit on parade [Black Watch, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, King’s Own Scottish Borderers]. Royal Australian Army soldiers on parade [3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment] . GV Various British and Commonwealth soldiers parading. GV Pipe band marching and playing. [Possibly a parade by the 27th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade - 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment, 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 60th Indian Field Ambulance]

GV Engineering tank maneuvering besides dirt road. GV MS NZ soldier standing atop military engineering tank [ARV]. PAN R Across Nissen hut converted into church / chapel with cross on steeple. LS GV Steep rugged hills with sparse vegetation. MS Soldier standing near jeep with SIGN “Regimental Police”. SIGN “4 British Army Post Office - Royal Engineers” near Nissen hut and tents. PAN R Across series of Nissen huts and tents, vehicles parked near telephone poles and dirt roads. LS Nissen hut and small buildings on dusty plain. PAN R Across from Military Police to SIGN “RP Section, 10 Coy RNZASC” outside small hut. MS GV Military Police standing to attention outside small building and posing for camera. MS Jeep parked on road with SIGN “Regimental Police”. WS Soldiers standing below flagpole with Union Jack, New Zealand and Australian flags flying above. LS GV Soldiers standing to attention near flagpole on parade ground. GV Australian flag draped over crate near flagpole with NZ, Australian and Union Jack flags flying. WS Soldier walking from nissen hut, scratching bum and mugging for camera. GV SIGN “New Zealand Kay Force CCK Headquarters” outside building.

NS GV Singing and dancing stage show with performers wearing [Mexican - Spanish] costumes. WS GV People standing below large statue of Buddha. HS PAN R Across Korean coastal town. HS GV PAN ACROSS Views of Korean bay and coastal town from park. WS GV Breakers and waves rolling in towards beach resort of Korean coastal town. NS GV Illuminated neon SIGN “Rainbow” “SunBeam”. NS GV Various neon signs with Korean characters flashing atop buildings. NS GV Korean cabaret style stage show - topless dancing girls. PAN R Across cars on busy roads and crowds of people walking on footpath. HS PAN ACROSS Rooftops of urban area with industrial chimneys in distance.

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Year 1950

Reference number F194438

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:19:03

Credits Photography: Allan W E Wilson

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