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B&W: TITLE: Film Review No.1

COL: TITLE: Come to the Circus.
PAN R From adults and children standing near truck carrying tent poles to canvas covered rail wagons with SIGN “Wirths Circus & Zoo”. WS Truck driving past canvas covered rail wagons on siding. Children standing besides railway track watching canvas covered rail wagons with SIGN “Wirth Brothers Circus & Zoo”. GV Elephant walking from rail wagon and touching trunks with elephant inside covered rail wagon. Elephant grazing in overgrown section besides road. GV Elephant walking from covered railway wagon - Handlers and men stand nearby. GV Elephant handler leading elephant past rail wagons and placing harness around head and neck of elephant. WS Elephant handler striking elephant on leg to move it towards circus wagons. PAN R From man attaching harness to elephant to circus wagon with SIGN “Wirth Bro’s Circus & Zoo”. GV Elephant towing circus wagons away from railway track. GV Elephant towing large circus wagon away from railway line and being struck on legs by handler. Elephant towing large circus wagon with SIGN “Wirth Bros Circus & Zoo” past buildings. WS 3 Elephants grazing amongst long grass besides railway line. GV Men using post hole attachment on rear of small tractor. GV Circus workers shaking out and unrolling canvas, standing tent poles and erecting big top tent. GV Children unrolling canvas. GV Elephant in harness walking on suburban street followed by tractor towing circus wagons - group of children walking alongside on footpath. GV Elephant in towing harness walking onto showgrounds past crowd of children . MS Piglet running past children. GV Elephant wearing harness being placed in traces of circus wagons with SIGN “Wirth Bro’s Circus & Zoo”. GV Elephant struggling to pull circus wagon across fairground. GV Elephants towing circus wagons towards showground entrance, police sergeant stands at gate, handler strikes at elephants trunk with goad. GV Crowds of children watching circus workers struggling to erect large tent. WS Young girl watching elephant dust bathing in field. MS Elephant using trunk to gather dirt and tossing dirt over back - dust bathing. Piglet running past crowds. MS GV Children patting and stroking trunk of elephant. WS Crowds of people standing near elephant on showground as passenger train passes in BG. WS GV Circus wagons being towed past big top tent being erected. PAN R From large lights laying on ground near scooter to animal cages in rear of circus wagon. WS Elephant in traces of large circus wagon with SIGN “Wirths Circus & Zoo”. LS Crowds of people gathered at perimeter of big top tent being erected. MS SIGN “Wirths Circus” on side of wagon. Animal Handler striking elephant with goad as it walks near circus wagons. GV Group of elephants feeding on hay scattered on ground. MZ Man laying by hay on ground as elephant feeds with trunk. MS Men attaching harness to elephant - children sand nearby watching. MS Elephant reaching out to man with trunk then exhibiting stereotyped behaviour - trunk swinging and rocking. GV Elephant towing circus wagons with SIGN “Wirth Bros Circus & Zoo” across fairground - elephant plucks wildflowers with trunk, handler with goad promptly snatches them from elephant. PAN R Across line of adults queuing near circus wagons

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Year 1956

Reference number F202268

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Credits Camera: Cyril Kenneth George Townsend

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