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Activist documentary about New Zealand women in the anti-nuclear movement. [Devonport Peace Forum]

Women stand in the landscape in a circle and contribute to comments about the significance of peace for future generations. Diagram indicates amiunt of nuclear weapons in the world and the relationship to countries in the Pacific. Grace Robertson talks about Pacific Island women's networks.

Women on a stage, one makes a comment about her wishes for the future, women sing song. Various women contribute to discussion, including Marie Leadbeater. Robyn Nathan plays drums in accompaniment to women singing protest song. Women sit making cranes. Woman talks about making 1000 cranes to take to Hiroshima. Grace Robertson challenges women to join in opposition against nuclear threat. Women sing inside tent.

Elaine Shaw from Greenpeace speaks about the Pacific being used as a dumping ground for testing and experiments. Marie Leadbeater speaks about ANZUS. Jane Cooper of Greenpeace speaks about the ANZUS treaty affording New Zealand no protection. Women march along street with banners to stage vigil at Devonport Naval Base.

Police boat follows boat demanding they stop for a boarding party. People shout back ‘No Way!’. Protest group play and sing to ferry passengers on Auckland wharf. Protest group with banners singing on ferry, disembarking at wharf. Protest march in streets of downtown Auckland. Women explains how letters were written during the 4 days of the Devonport Peace Forum. Banner ‘Women for Nuclear Disarmament’. Black and white photographs of protesters being arrested, policemen, protesters.

Mere Taylor speaks to protest crowd, greeting Maori, Pacific Island and Pakeha women, speaking about indigenous concerns. Mira Szaszy addresses crowd, urging Polynesians to make protests heard around the world. Groups sing ‘Take those toys away from the boys’ on stage. Helen Clark M.P. addresses crowd and mentions the size of the rally, and the pursuit of peace. Topp Twins play ‘Radiation’ with chorus ‘I only hope that we don’t die of radiation burns’ on stage.

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Year 1983

Reference number F1091

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 0:24:30

Production company Umbrella Films

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Producer: Lisa Prager
Director: Lisa Prager
Editor: Anne Spier
Executive Producer: Adele Kennedy
Photography: John Miller
Photography: Gil Hanly
Interviewee: Grace Roberston
Interviewee: Elaine Shaw
Interviewee: Jane Cooper
Interviewee: Mere Taylor