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The Korean War ran from 1950 - 1953 and was fought between North Korea and South Korea with the United Nations and the Peoples Republic of China taking active roles in the conflict. New Zealand sent a contingent known as KayForce which arrived at Pusan on New Years Eve 1950 and then joined the 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade. The Royal New Zealand Navy sent a number of ships including the HMNZS Taupo and HMNZS Hawea, 2 Loch class frigates who performed escort and blockade duties on the western side of the Korean peninsula.

This amateur film shows the activities on board the HMNZS Hawea (F422) during her operations as a part of K-Force around the Korean peninsula.

COL: Scenes around Hong Kong, Victoria harbour. Junks, Ferries, tugs and other vessels saiing in harbour. HMNZS Frigate Hawea (F422) moored at dock. GV Naval officers and ratings standing on deck as Hawea is towed from moorings GV Men in costume performing line crossing ceremony on deck prior to crossing the equator. Neptune ceremony.

B&W: Passing by the frigate HMNZS Rotoiti F625. GV Rope being hauled in after underway replenishment as Naval officers and ratings stand near railing. GV Pieces of metal laying on deck near superstructure [battle damage / shrapnel], GV Sailors standing at anti aircraft guns wearing helmets and balaclavas. RNZN personnel standing near stern as depth charge detonates below water in wake of HMNZS Hawea.
GV Underway replenishment taking place with [American, USN] military vessel off starboard side of HMNZS Hawea - USN personnel standing near railing. GV Crew standing near railing as Hawea sails through ice floes and drift ice. RNZN Personnel standing on deck for sunday service and hymns. GV RNZN Officers standing talking near railing [Captain GR Davis Goff DSC].

GV Scenes of Sasebo port and harbour facilities. CU GV RNZN Naval officer laughing. GV [Japanese / Korean] men playing soccer - [Japanese / Korean] children standing watching. GV Japanese / Korean soccer team posing for camera with RNZN personnel.

GV Water issuing from fire suppression sprinklers above deck. GV RNZN personnel standing on deck wearing gasmasks. LS GV Large naval auxilliary vessel alongside large [trawler] - flashing light of signal lamp visible. GV Small icebergs and drift ice in ocean as RNZN personnel stand on deck in cold weather gear. GV Motorboat coming alongside Hawea and American / USN naval personnel embarking. LS American / USN vessel in distance. GV Small Korean fishing boat coming alongside with crew on deck. GV RNZN Officers standing at railing talking with Korean fishermen aboard boat and checking papers.

GV RNZN Personnel standing on deck being led in prayer. GV RNZN Sailors handling ropes and lines prior to underway replenishment with RNZN Frigate Taupo F423. GV Cargo and crates being exchanged by rope and net arrangement during underway replenishment with HMNZS Taupo. GV MHNZS Taupo pulling away having completed replenishment. GV Aircraft flying overhead above ship. GV Coming alongside submarine sitting on surface. LS Flight of aircraft flying towards ship, passing overhead. GV RNZN personnel firing 40mm Bofors anti aircraft artillery - fire control director talking into microphone, AAA being loaded.

GV F408 HMAS Frigate Culgoa sailing alongside. GV RNZN personnel handling lines and ropes with HMNZS Rotoiti in background. GV RNZN personnel handling anchor chain near winch mechanism on bow. GV HMNZS Rotoiti coming alongside. GV Crew of HMNZS Hawea and HMNZS Rotoiti practising underway replenishment. GV Small Korean fishing vessels being towed behind stern of HMNZS Hawea, RNZN personnel on deck. USN Sikorsky H5 helicopter flying low near stern of HMNZS Hawea. GV Personnel and mailbags being transferred from Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier [Glory] - aircraft on flight deck. LS GV HMS Glory aircraft carrier at sea. GV HMNZS Rotoiti - F625 coming alongside HMNZS Hawea, GV Sailors handling ropes and lines as HMNZS Rotoiti holds station off bow. RNZN sailor signalling with flags. GV Sailors handling ropes and lines on deck of HMNZS Hawea. GV HMNZS Hawea coming alongside auxilliary vessel as snow falls - RNZN personnel in cold weather gear placing gangplanks and ladders between vessels. GV Munitions, shells and ammo being cross decked.

GV RNZN Naval gunnery team loading and firing 4 inch gun at coastline. GV Wounded Korean soldiers being loaded onto USN vessel. WS United States Navy Cruiser USS Saint Paul - CA-73 steaming off starboard quarter as Sikorsky H5 Helicopter flies nearby. Column of South Korean soldiers marching along beach and fording small stream, SIGN “LST 772” painted on nearby rockface. RNZN sailor crouching on beach talking on field radio - Landing Ship Tank in BG. GV South Korean soldiers marching in columns on beach and wading through breakers carrying supplies- vehicles on beach in BG. LS GV USS Holmes County - LST 836 at sea with South Korean soldiers crowded on deck. GV RNZN personnel inspecting piles of small arms, mortars and other infantry weapons on deck. GV RNZN Sailors aboard HMNZS Frigate Kaniere F426 crossdecking miscellaneous small arms. GV Piles of rifles, Browning Automatic Rifles, mortars and machineguns stacked aboard small landing craft. GV DUKW (amphibious vehicle) moving through water near rocky coastline

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Year 1950

Reference number F1478

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:37:25

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