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This Black & White Pacific Films Newsreel dates from 1954 and covers the topics of an artificial feeder being used on pig farms, a press visit to Fiji and the Parliamentary visit to the Kawerau Pulp and Paper mill which was then under construction.

TITLE Pacific Films Presents.

INTERTITLE “Artificial Mother” with piglet with snout near sows belly GRAPHIC Artificial Mother.

GV Piglets suckling from sow in wooden stall, Piglets standing in wooden stall.
MS GV Farmer pouring liquid from can with SIGN “Vite-ADee” into metal pot - toddler stands nearby.
GV Farmer pouring liquid from metal pot into metal feeder and carrying feeder towards wooden barn.
MS Large sow standing with forequarters over wooden fence.
GV Farmer placing artificial feeder in stall near piglets - Farmer has tobacco pipe in mouth.
GV Piglets examining artificial feeder.
GV Piglets sucking from artificial feeder.

INTERTITLE “Press Party Visit Fiji” with Fijian people seated near coconut palms.

MS Men walking towards plane from building with SIGN “Whenuapai - Auckland”.
SIGN R.M.A Aotearoa III” on nose of plane.
MS Line of men posing for camera in front of plane with SIGN “Royal Mail ZK-BGA”.
MS Photographer standing with camera and large flash attachment.
MS Men boarding plane near flight attendant and SIGN “Teal DC 6 Hibiscus Flight”.
GV Teal DC-6 starting propellors and taking off from runway.
GV Men seated in aircraft smoking and drinking as air hostess collects glasses.
GV Teal DC-6 landing on Nadi airport runway.
Men approaching building with SIGN “Nadi International Airport, Colony of Fiji”.
MS Fijian woman in masi and lei pinning flower on lapel of European woman.
Suva street scene - the corner of Pier Street and Renwick Road, Gokals building in BG facing the Jack & Jill building.
EXT Grand Pacific Hotel.
MS Men walking on Thomson street in Suva - Morris Hedstrom Limited building and Horne’s in BG.
GV Men leaning over railing of bridge over Nabukalou creek - Millers Limited building in BG.
WS Convoy of cars driving past SIGN “Korolevu”.
GV Men carrying luggage and suitcases past bure style hotel cabins.
WS European couple sitting on bench overlooking white sand beach with trees in BG. GV Kava ceremony - European men sit on grass as Fijian men in masi (tapa) and salusalu (flower necklace made of masi) prepare yaqona.
GV Fijian man pours water from bamboo shaft into the tanoa as man squeezes the yaqona through a cloth.
GV Fred Fisher (Editor, Waikato Times) being presented with bilo of kava and drinking. MS Fijian man in traditional dress approaching with bilo (cup)of kava then performing cobo (gratitude).
Gerald Wybert (Reporter, Evening Post) drinking kava from bilo.
European families seated outside building.
GV Fijian men in traditional dress performing traditional dances with clubs and spears - Europeans sitting watching and smiling.

INTERTITLE “Parliamentary Visit to Kawerau” - Men standing at construction site of Tasman Pulp & Paper mill.
VO “Kawerau is the centre of operations for the giant Murupara project which will harvest the wealth of New Zealand’s state forests” “On May the 21st, Kawerau plays host to a group of visiting parliamentarians and newspaper publishers”.

WS PAN R Across stock grazing on large paddocks on wide Kawerau plain - Tarawera river in BG.
WS Men working on railway line - buildings under construction in BG.
MS Walter Nash and others standing talking overlooking large work site.
MS Sidney Holland and Sir James Fletcher walking near construction site waving to people.
MS Walter Nash talking with Alexander Robert Entrican.
WS Crowd of men talking on construction site.
MS James Fletcher talking with William Goosman.
MS Prime Minister Sidney Holland talking with E.W. Hammer (Project Manager).
GV William Goosman talking with construction workers.
MS Walter Nash talking with Charlie Goddard (Project Superintendent).
GV Sidney Holland and others standing talking and watching machinery operating on construction site.
WS Men standing talking near [steel tanks - mill rollers] as vehicle with SIGN “Residential Construction Co. Ltd. - Builders & Timber Merchants” drives past.
WS Bus driving along shoreline with Mauao (Mount Manganui) in BG - Piles of piers and jetties project into water.
WS Tractor reversing towards shoreline - Mauao in BG.
PAN R As men walking along shoreline past oil drums and reels of cable.
PAN R Across causeway and pier under construction.
MS Ernest Corbett, Minister of Forestry talking with Alexander Robert Entrican, Director of Forestry - Sidney Holland stands in BG.
WS Kawerau pulp and paper mill under construction. Tractor towing large steel tank - construction site in BG.
MS Sidney Holland and Walter Nash standing talking and laughing.

INTERTITLE: The End - A Pacific Films Production. Wellington, New Zealand

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Year 1954

Reference number F3672

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Newsreel

Duration 0:07:56

Production company Pacific Films

Credits Producer: Roger Mirams
Producer: John O'Shea

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