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On Wednesday, April 28th, 1920, Maori gathered at Rotorua to welcome the Prince of Wales.

0:04:59 Young Māori woman poses for camera; large group of women perform the canoe poi while their leader walks up and down brandishing a patu and chanting.
0:06:19 Large group of Māori warriors brandishing their koikoi, perform the haka.
0:07:20 Young woman posing again; groups performing poi; woman wearing a kahukiwi? korowai brandishes a taiaha and performs while group walks off; many other large groups of warriors perform; women perform the single long poi.
0:10:15 “The Prince at Rotorua”
Canoe poi; double short poi; some of these scenes are repeated.
0:14:14 Man does the pukana.
0:14:16 The Prince of Wales and his official party march onto field; presentations of medals to servicemen follow.
0:15:10 Last picture frame.

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Year 1920

Reference number F4094

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Newsreel

Duration 0:15:00

Production company NZ Government / NZ Picture Supplies Limited

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Location information

Taonga Māori Collection Yes

Credits Camera: Sydney Benjamin Taylor
Camera: Charles D Barton
Camera: Frank Stewart