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0:00:00 Rodney Bryant introduces Alison Holst talking about Christmas food.
0:02:18 [Karen Sims] reads the news:Larry Speakes (spokesman to President Reagan) quits his job; Jacques Chirac criticises NZ for support New Caledonian de-colonisation; students demonstrate in Paris; Government discussing needle exchanges for addicts at-risk of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS); police predict they will be armed within 10 years; lamb trade opens up; Bruce Beetham claims he is being undermined; National Bank raises lending rates; sharemarket report; weather; a report on a United States pyramid scheme; discovery of a 14th century map in Britain; a bottle of 300 year old wine.
0:12:43 Commercial break.
0:13:54 Alison advises Mary McLaren on how to stop a chicken sticking to tin foil;diabetic diets; Alison tells a 12 year old caller what she will be having for Christmas dinner; discussion on how to make cakes and Christmas pudding.
0:26:20 Commercial break.
0:28:37 Karen updates local and international news headlines; Alison talks about how Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive; how to cook a roast and vegetables to use; keeping ham; cooking goose; danger of putting coins into pudding; drying cake; trifle recipes.
0:44:03 Programme ends

Holst shares some ideas on alternative Christmas meal ideas.

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Year 1986

Reference number F23205

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:44:03

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