Mobile Unit. BBC news reels, 1945

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A compilation of BBC shortwave service news bulletins providing updates on the death of Mussolini [28 April 1945] and then the German surrender on 07 May 1945. (Recorded as received via shortwave by the New Zealand Broadcasting Service in Wellington.)

Excerpt of a news item of a report from Milan on the death of Mussolini who was "with twelve members of his cabinet shot like a dog ...". His body was publicly displayed. A reporter states that there are several hundred Germans locked up, on the point of surrender. [Date of broadcast unknown]

The following excerpts were probably broadcast 7-8 May 1945:
A BBC report on a German broadcast by the German Foreign Minister, announcing the unconditional surrender of the German forces.

A BBC news report, read by Peter Watson [?]. A report has been received that Germany surrendered unconditionally to Britain, the United States, and Russia at 2:41am today [7 May 1945 GMT] at General Eisenhower's headquarters at Reims. People in London await Winston Churchill's announcement of the end of the war in Europe.
Thousands of people have been celebrating in Times Square, New York. There is an update on the situation in Asia.

BBC World News read by Peter Watson at 1900 hours GMT (Mon 7 May 1945). [Preceded by "Lilibulero" interval signal and time pips.] Tomorrow will be Victory in Europe Day, and the whole day will be regarded as a public holiday. An official announcement will be made by Winston Churchill at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. The King will then broadcast at 9pm. The following day, Wednesday, will also be a holiday. There is confirmation that Germany surrendered unconditionally at Reims. There is further news on Germany's surrender and scaling down of hostilities around Europe and Asia.

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Year 1945

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Date 07 May 1945