personal record. hillary, sir edmund. [SHERPAS, INJURY AND FROSTBITE]

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Various shots of Himalayan mountains in the Barun Valley in the Everest Region. Porters prepare to carry mountaineer, C J McFarlane, from the mountainside after his fall into a crevasse. Carrying the climber as Sir Edmund Hillary looks on. Giving water to a very frostbitten McFarlane. Lowering the climber down a shingle slope and carrying him across a river. Eating dinner at camp under Mount Makalu massif. [George Lowe] sketching. Tending to McFarlane’s wounds. Shots of his massively swollen and blackened feet. On a snow covered plateau, McFarlane is tended to before he is carried down the steep mountain side. The climber resting at a lower altitude in a makeshift chair. Being carried in the chair on a porter’s back. Crossing a raging river by way of a rickety bridge, still in the chair. Taking a canoe down river. being carried across a river in the chair.

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Year 1954

Reference number F30967

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:15:37