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On the 23 June 1912 a southerly squall blew the steamer Star of Canada onto Kaiti Beach, Gisborne. After striking a rock and taking in water she eventually sank. The local tug “Hipi” could do little to assist in such appalling conditions.

WS “Star of Canada” grounded just off rocky shoreline - PAN R to other ships out to sea. WS GV “Star of Canada” grounded off shoreline, people and horse-drawn cart on the shore.
INTERTITLE B&W: “The gallant little ‘Hipi’ which, attracted by the distress signals, rendered help.”
WS Coastal tug “Hipi” steaming through water
Motor launch making its way out to stranded ship.
INTERTITLE: “The Captain and engineer of the ‘Hipi’.”
MS 2 Men [Captain F. Palmer and Engineer A. Long] standing on deck near funnel and life buoy with SIGN “Hipi - Auckland”
INTERTITLE: “On the Decks of the Big Liner.”
WS PAN R Across sailors standing on fore deck amongst rigging and fittings.
INTERTITLE: “Arrival of the Barges.”
HS Overlooking Tug “Hipi” floating between small boat and barge - lines being used to lash vessels together.
INTERTITLE: “Salvaging the Cargo.”
HS Overlooking bales being lifted from deck onto ship “Matata” alongside - small power boat passes in BG.
INTERTITLE: “At the Wharf Unloading Frozen Mutton out of the Barges.” [Gisborne]
GV Frozen mutton being lifted from barge with crane and sling - men loading frozen sheep carcasses into wagons.
INTERTITLE: “Conveying back into Freezing Chambers.”
MS Men unloading frozen mutton from horse drawn cart
INTERTITLE: “Cruising around the stranded Liner.”
GV “Star of Canada” grounded off shoreline, smoke rising from smokestacks - small boat alongside starboard side.
INTERTITLE: “An attempt to refloat the steamer. The pumps at work in number 1,2, And 3 holds.”
LS GV Water pouring from gunwales down side of “Star of Canada” - men in FG stand on rocky foreshore watching.
WS Water pouring from pipe on deck of “Star of Canada” and gushing over side of vessel - men stand on deck watching.
INTERTITLE: “The diver making his first descent in a heavy swell.”
GV Man donning diving suit and helmet [standard diving dress] aboard small boat alongside “Star of Canada” - slowly lowers himself over side of boat as other men run out air supply hose and crank air pump.
INTERTITLE: “The doomed Vessel showing her position when abandoned by the Crew.”
WS GV “Star of Canada” grounded just off rocky shoreline.

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Year 1912

Reference number F38455

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Actuality

Duration 0:06:53

Production company Dominion (NZ) Film Company

Credits Cameraman: Charles Frederick Newham

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