World at 5. 2012-04-11. 17:00-18:00.

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RNZ Collection
Wilson, Mark, 1968?-, Producer
Bryan, Geoff, Newsreader
Forster, Chris, Newsreader
Ashdown, Kelly, Reporter
Hayes, Samantha, 1984-, Presenter
Rintel, Ian, Interviewee
Skipper, Brendon, Interviewee
Patterson, Andrew, Commentator
McTainsh, Jeff, Reporter
Platt, Campbell, Interviewee
Radio Live, Broadcaster

Presenter Geoff Bryan presents the 17:00 hrs news bulletin, which is then followed by a sport bulletin [regularly presented by either Chris Forster or Jeff McTainsh], and a traffic report presented by Kelly Ashdown and then a weather report. Advertisements follow and then another brief summary of the hours top news headlines.

Host for the programme is Samantha Hayes (former TV3 Nightline news presenter). Today’s guests include:

Ten Chinese Nationals in Darwin: The boat carrying 10 Chinese nationals who intend sailing to New Zealand left China because of persecution due to their religious beliefs. After seeking port in Australia to restock their supplies, they were detained as possible refugees. Initially, the group did not want to be detained in Australia as there were lengthy delays in getting their case resolved. Ian Rintel (Refugee Action Coalition) talks with Samantha Hayes about the latest developments to submit an application to the Australian government seeking asylum.

At a quarter past the hour, [regularly presented by Geoff Bryan?] presents the news and sport headlines for the hour, which is followed by advertisements and then a traffic report.

Auckland rental crisis: Couples in Auckland are struggling to find suitable rental accommodation as a new survey out today on rental price hikes from TradeMe shows that it is not getting any easier. Rental prices across the country show an increase of 4% in the three months ending in March compared to the same period last year. The number of rental properties advertised fell 7% for the same period, while property demands rose by 9%. Brendan Skipper (Head of Property, TradeMe) explains.

At the bottom of the hour (half past the hour) Geoff Bryan presents the news headlines, followed by a sport bulletin, radio advertising, and then a traffic report (regularly presented by Kelly Ashdown). Geoff Bryan then follows with a weather report for Auckland.

The RadioLive Daily Business Wrap with Andrew Patterson (Business Editor) looking at the global markets; New Zealand Stock Exchange; NZ companies and how the Kiwi dollar is faring.

Auckland Blues Coach breaks down during press conference: Blues form has been disappointing with only 1 win and 5 losses. Comments today barbed with a racist flavour tipped Pat Lam over the edge today during a press conference. Jeff McTainsh (RadioLive Sport Journalist) reported racist remarks have been targeting the Auckland Blues team and especially the Coach, Pat Lam. People have been complaining that there are too many Polynesians in the Auckland rugby team. Team members like Kevin Mealamu, Piri Weepu and Ma'a Nonu are disappointed at the comments which is compounding their frustration of current poor form.

Advertisement break follows and then another traffic report is presented.

Seats taken from Earthquake-struck cinema in Christchurch:
A cinema requiring demolition has allowed members of the public to pick up cinema seats that they may have sat in during their first date or similar. 400 seats have been picked up so far, Campbell Platt (Christchurch resident) and his wife Megan had their first date 13 years ago watching the movie, 'What Becomes of the Brokenhearted' in the soon to be demolished cinema. The couple were introduced by a close mutual friend and quake victim, Matthew Beaumont (who has since died) who also attended the movie with the couple. Upon hearing about the cinema demolition, the couple went to cinema to pick up two seats in memory of their friend who introduced them. The couple chose the exact same seats from the date (seat E8 and E9) as Campbell's wife had kept the original ticket stubs from the date.

Samantha then signs off for the evening.