Campaigners – people with a cause. 1979.

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RNZ Collection
Young, Hugh, Interviewer
Pentland, Beverley, 1939-1984, Interviewee
Richards, Trevor, Interviewee
TANGUAY, Heather, Interviewee
Bartlett, Patricia, 1928-2000, Interviewee
DAVIS, Gwenny, Interviewee
Salmon, Guy, Interviewee
Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand (estab. 1976, closed 1988), Broadcaster

A series entitled: Campaigners – People with a Cause, presented by Hugh Young. Five radio interviews recorded in late 1979.

1. Beverley Pentland, known as "The Fireworks Lady", campaigned for new laws restricting the sale of fireworks until one week before Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th. She discusses her motivation and her life in general.

2. Trevor Richards from H.A.R.T. (Halt All Racist Tours) talks about the source of his anti-racism activism and its impact on his life.

3. Heather Tanguay talks about her campaign for safer toys. Recorded in December 1979.

4. Anti-pornography campaigner Patricia Bartlett discusses the Society for the Protection of Community Standards (S.P.C.S.) and her campaigns against pornography. Recorded in December 1979.

5. Gwenny Davis and Guy Salmon, active members of the Native Forest Action Council, are interviewed about their campaign techniques. Recorded in December 1979.