Radio Hauraki. Documentary. 1970-06-01.

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Radio Hauraki, Broadcaster
Gapes, David, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Magan, Ian, Announcer
Blackburn, Adrian, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Ladd, Fred, 1908-1989, Interviewee
Parkinson, Mike, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Leahy, Bob, Announcer
Lineham, Paul, Announcer
Dunsford, Warwick, -2006, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Jack, Mike, Announcer
Griffiths, Lloyd, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Robinson, Dove-Myer, Sir (b.1901, d.1989), Speaker/Kaikōrero

This recording is of a broadcast of the final hour of Radio Hauraki's transmission as a 'pirate station' broadcasting from the M.V. 'Tiri' and 'Tiri II'. The station had been broadcasting at sea for 1,111 days. It is hosted by Ian Magan. [This recording appears to have been recorded off-air with a break at 16:15 and several variations in audio quality throughout]

It consists of a documentary on the station's history ["The Saga of the Tiri" - see ID25878], with interviews and recollections from broadcasters and others involved with the station. Station founder David Gapes talks about the station's beginnings and the support of its suppliers who offered it extended credit. He talks about the young broadcasters who left the Broadcasting Corporation to join them.

It includes recordings of an early broadcast from 1966 by announcer Bob Leahy and the 1967 mayday broadcasts by Paul Lineham when the ship's engine failed and it hit rocks on Great Barrier Island. A siren is heard and announcer Paul Lineham signs off to abandon ship.

The station relaunched on another vessel, the 'Tiri II' which was soon damaged in the 1968 Wahine storm, which destroyed the transmission mast. A test broadcast from 1968 by announcer Mike Jack is heard.
Another storm in which the 'Tiri II' was beached in Northland is described by Captain Lloyd Griffiths, who also describes life on-board.
Bill and Ngaire Gibbs of the 'Marauder' of Tryphena, Great BarrierIsland, are thanked for their continued support of Radio Hauraki.
In 1969 Radio Hauraki was able to apply for a licence and gained a warrant which lead to this final broadcast from the "Tiri II".

Other identified speakers are:
Adrian Blackburn, journalist with The New Zealand Herald
Captain Fred Ladd, former pilot with Tourist Air Travel
Mike Parkinson, former announcer
Captain Warwick Dunsford, who lead the salvage operations on both the Tiri and Tiri II
Sir Dove-Myer Robinson, Mayor of Auckland

NB. Excerpts of music are played throughout including
Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
The Times they are A-Changing' - Peter, Paul and Mary
Born Free - Matt Monro
Also Sprach Zarathustra - Theme to '2001 A Space Odyssey'
Sign of the Times - Petula Clark
God Defend New Zealand