Paging Uncle Sam. Episode 1

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RNZ Collection
Wrathall, Dudley, Host
Levitt, J. Stanley, 1917-2004, Host
New Zealand. National Commercial Broadcasting Service (estab. 1937, closed 1943), Broadcaster

This recording contains part of a radio programme made during World War II to entertain the United States servicemen who were stationed in New Zealand. The programme was produced by the New Zealand National Commercial Broadcasting Service and contains interviews, performances by troops, and messages for family. It appears to have been recorded to be sent back to the United States for broadcast there.
The hosts are Dudley Wrathall of Station 1YA, Andy Schultz of the U.S. Army, and Signalman 1st class Stanley Levitt, Missouri, U.S. Navy.

The following soldiers, sailors and marines speak and send messages home: [All names transcribed as heard and not verified.]
U.S. Marines:
Private First Class Joseph Kantendreit, Ohio
Private First Class Kenneth R. Hamm, Indiana
Private Sidney R. Fritz, Washington

U.S. Navy:
Storekeeper Second Class William H. Daley, Massachusetts.
Yeoman Second Class Lewis C. Smith, South Carolina
Yeoman Third Class Robert B. William, Illinois

U.S. Army:
Technician Fifth Grade John Clare, Ohio
Technician Fourth Grade Bob Feast, Minnesota
Private Bob Curran, Missouri
Stanley Levitt sends greetings to his friends and family.

Private Andy Schultz (Southern California) sends greetings to his family.
He then introduces U.S. Navy Storekeeper First Class George Scriven (California) who sings "The Shrine of St Cecelia."

Two 'genuine hillbillies' Amos Walker (Arkansas), and Porter Barker (Tennessee) banter with Dudley Wrathall about moonshine etc, and then perform "Just Because".

U.S. Marine James Dalbijoux (Wisconsin) says hello to his family and comments on the "Anzacs" and the quality of New Zealand coffee.

U.S. Army Private Bill Everitt (Kansas) plays "St Louis Blues"

Part 2:
Dudley Wrathall and Andy Schultz banter with Benjamin Dieffenbloch [?] of Washington D.C.
He talks about his first impressions of New Zealand and says he has been made to feel at home. He also comments on the New Zealand recording studio. He says hello to his family and friends.

George Delgato [?], a Mexican-American sends a message in Spanish to his family in California, and then sings a song in Spanish "Bessame mucho" [?]

Sergeant Cy [Floyd] Cress of Colorado talks about what he has seen of New Zealand and comments about Rotorua and compares it to Yellowstone Park. He jokes about the way New Zealanders hold their forks upside down to eat and gives some Kiwi slang he has picked up. He says hello to his family and his sweetheart.

George [Scriven ?] dedicates a song to his buddies Mac and Bobby and sings "We'll Meet Again".

Dudley Wrathall farewells American listeners and thanks those responsible for getting the programme on air:
Sergeant George Chausson, Texas
Yeoman Second Class James Ruder, New York
Sergeant Paul Viano, Massachussetts
Ensign William Power, Pennsylvania

The programme ends with a patriotic appeal to American listeners and farewell messages over the tune "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition".