Radio awards winner 1986 - "Rainbow Warrior story"

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RNZ Collection
Burney, Ian, Reporter
1ZB (Radio station : Auckland, N.Z.), Broadcaster
Radio New Zealand (estab. 1989), Broadcaster
Hagler, Mike, Reporter
MALCOLM, Leanne, Reporter
WILLMOT, Ray, Reporter
Newton, John, Reporter
SINCLAIR, Ian, Reporter

Mobil Radio awards winner 1986, in the category 'Best radio news package' - "The Rainbow Warrior story" - produced by the 1ZB News Team, Radio New Zealand, Auckland.

Running sheet for 1ZB "Rainbow Warrior Story" presentation tape:
1. Greenpeace International director Steve Sawyer
In: "Somebody blew up ...
Out: ..She's sailing again."
2. Rainbow Warrior Skipper Peter Wilcox "Well, I just lost ... about says it."
3. 1ZB Reporter Leanne Malcolm live report from Marsden Wharf "Explosions rang out .. with the vessel."
4. Greenpeace Steve Sawyer "All we know ... never made it out."
5. 1ZB reporter Ray Willmot live from Marsden Wharf "Rainbow Warrior didn't ... man of peace."
6. Greenpeace Steve Sawyer "See, half the world leaders ... not an accident."
7. 1ZB reporter Leanne Malcolm live from Marsden Wharf "Wharfside chatter ... act of sabotage."
8. Rainbow Warrior skipper Peter Wilcox "We have no idea ... complete investigation."
9. 1ZB reporter Ray Willmot live from Marsden Wharf "Meanwhile the tide ... of what has happened."
10. 1ZB's Leanne Malcolm "Divers are ... or outside the vessel."
11l. Detective Superintendent Allen Galbraith in charge of Operation Rainbow "Navy divers ... outside the vessel."
12. 1ZB reporter Mike Hagler "Detective superintendent Allen Galbraith ... lives were at risk."
13. 1ZB's Ray Willmot "Meanwhile more information has come ... that night."
14. Greenpeace International director Dr. Patrick Moore "It was only a last minute ... where Fernando was killed."
15. Prime Minister David Lange on possibility of terrorism “I accept that ... is immune from."
16. Greenpeace Dr. Pat Moore "I think you can say ... was involved."
17. Prime Minister "Skilled, ruthless, calculating simple as that."
18. Senior Sergeant Trevor Tozer Auckland police media officer "A second witness has in Okahu Bay."
19. Greenpeace Dr. Pat Moore "I would assume ... anyone was there."
20. Senior Sergeant Tozer "Major effort is ... foreign accents.“
21. 1ZB reporter Ian Sinclair "Detectives admit police enquiry."
22. 1ZB's Ray Willmot "Police too are ... radical group."
23. Detective Superintendent Allen Galbraith "We have several ... more complex."
24. 1ZB reporter Ruth Sandiford "Nine Auckland detectives ... (fades into following cut)."
25. 1ZB reporter Ian Burney "The flight to Norfolk Island ... Auckland hire firm."
26. 1ZB's Ruth Sandiford "The couple ... are being considered."
27. 1ZB's Ray Willmot "The couple ... allowed bail."
28. 1ZB's Mike Hagler "Meanwhile Detective case so far."
29. 1ZB's Heather McWilliam "For the past couple of days and driven off."
30. 1ZB's Mike Hagler "Detective superintendent Allen ... unspecified location."
31. Prime Minister "From the best information ... having an arrest."
32. Detective Superintendent Allen Galbraith "I'm not embarrassed at this stage."
33. Prime Minister "First that it is ... except as the venue."
34. Allen Galbraith "We can see the thing ... at this stage."
35. 1ZB's John Newton "It's been a fortnight crew member Fernando Pereira."
36. Senior Sergeant Trevor Tozer (arrest statement for murder and arson) "A man and a woman Fernando Pereira."
37. 1ZB's John Newton "Police will not say ... is another matter."
38. 1ZB's Ian Sinclair "Police say they ... how long this will be.“
39. Allen Galbraith "We have a case ... had a case."
40. 1ZB's Rodney Metcalfe "Because of the nature to their lawyer."
41. Senior Sergeant Trevor Tozer (warrants issued for 3 Ouvea crew) "Auckland police have now ... appropriate authorities."
42. 1ZB's Ian Sinclair (yacht Ouvea's disappearance) "The three crewman was incorrect."
43. Prime Minister "Fourth, it clearly ... in with it."
44. Allen Galbraith "And so it's been what happens now."
45. 1ZB reporter Peter Kingston "The French couple judge or jury."
46. 1ZB's Rodney Metcalfe “Electronic screening ... for this country."
47. 1ZB's Ian Sinclair "French embassy staff ... for its duration."
48. 1ZB reporter Kirsty Cameron (at the courthouse) "Prieur, Mafart have arrived ... by high security gates."
49. Flash news report dropped into 1ZB's Leighton Smith programme "Auckland 1ZB ... at eleven o'clock."
50. Radio New Zealand news at 11 o'clock with 1ZB reporter Ian Burney from the court "Radio New Zealand news at eleven ... remanded for sentence."
51. RNZ News on the morning of the sentencing "The most sensational ... Prieur and Mafart." (cross—fades into next)
52. 1ZB's Ray Willmot outside the court "A quite incredible ... weren't successful."
53. RNZ News at 11 o'clock "RNZ News on the hour ... reporter Peter Kingston."
54. 1ZB reporter Peter Kingston "Contrary to expectation ... (cross-fades into next).“
55. RNZ News at one o'clock "Radio New Zealand news .. is reporter Peter Kingston."
56. 1ZB's Peter Kingston "This morning the court ... (cross—fades into next)."
57. RNZ News at two o'clock "Radio New Zealand ... Ian Burney."
58. 1ZB's reporter Ian Burney in depth on the sentences "Mafart & Prieur ... sentence was announced."
59. Radio New Zealand News announcer/actuality of Greenpeace head David McTaggart "Greenpeace ... court today."
60. 1ZB reporter Mike Gowing "At the height Mafart and Prieur."
61. Greenpeace head David McTaggart