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28 Apr 1976
Taonga Māori Collection
RNZ Collection
Tupu, Lani, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Afiake, Andrew, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Edwards, Clive, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Mitchell, Hamuera, Producer
Kerekere, Wiremu Kīngi, 1923-2001, Producer
Gill, Frank, Speaker/Kaikōrero

Hamuera Mitchell and Wiremu Kerekere present a programme looking at the plight of illegal Pacific island immigrants or overstayers. [Commercial music content has been removed from the online audio due to copyright restrictions.]

An unidentified man explains the way Pacific island people on 'holiday' visas were unofficially allowed to work illegally here when New Zealand required their labour, but now they are no longer required, they are being targeted by authorities. .

The question of illegal immigrants or overstayers from the Pacific Islands is an
emotive one, it involves many issues and many arguments are put forward for
and against a general amnesty.

In this programme, members of the Pacific Island Advisory Council in New Zealand and government spokespeople debate the issue.

The economic hardships in the islands which have driven people to come to New Zealand and overstay are outlined.

- kaikōrero : Mr Lani Tupu (Wellington Samoan community) explains why Pacific island people violate their holiday permits.
- kaikōrero : Andrew Afiake speaks about the fear and anxiety that illegal migrants
have to endure with dawn raids by police in the night and always avoiding authorities.
- kaikōrero : unidentified Tongan overstayer "James" talks to Dion Minhinnick about how he came to New Zealand and the different standard of living he enjoys.
- kaikōrero : Clive Edwards (Auckland Tongan lawyer) talks about low morale in the local Tongan community
- Minister of Immigration Frank Gill talks about the need for overstayers to come forward and register without penalty. Some may be considered for permanent residence but some may be deported.
- An unidentified man says allocating blame is not constructive in resolving this problem, as there is fault on both sides. New Zealand needs to expand opportunities in the Pacific islands and reduce the need to migrate.
An excerpt from Robert Muldoon's book about Pacific people is read by Wiremu Kerekere.
- kaikōrero : Hamuera Mitchell / Wiremu Kerekere.