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Taonga Māori Collection
RNZ Collection
Aperahama, Ruia

Piriwiritua. News in Māori with Anahera Vercoe.

- Fifteen years is far too low for rangatahi to have a driving license.
- ACC to put out new pathways for better understanding re accidents in the home.
- Kaa Williams talks about judging at Te Matatini.
- Forest caught on fire due to a couple organising a hangi.
HAKINAKINA with Te Kauhoe Wano..Basketball / Cricket
PIRIWIRITUA with Ruia..mihimihi.
- Pitopito kōrero: February 1840 Treaty of Waitangi was signed.
- 1888 The Auckland museum was opened.
- 1902 A ferry was launched in Kelburn?
- 1926 The Duke and Duchess of York arrived in Auckland from England
- 1943 Japenese prisoners POW in Featherston.
- 1962 Peter Snell broke the Olympic record
- 1984 the Whare Wananga o Waikato was opened.
- 1967 Goverment stopped milk distribution to schools ??
- 1976 won the cricket in England...
- waiata: Kia koutou te whanau aroha / Mahinarangi Tocker
- waiata: Hoki mai e tama ma / Howard Morrison Quartet
TAIKURA.....ko te taikura o te wahine ko toona matauranga....This week
Anahera Vercoe speaks with Jan Wharekawa / Ngāti Tuwharetoa, Ngāti
Raukawa.....Jan grew up around the Tuwharetoa Taupo area in the forest area,
where her dad was amill worker. She is the only suvivor of her three siblings
Schooled locally then went to Turakina Māori Girls College in Marton
She talks about her growing up, gardening, sports included netball, softball
and tennis. Upon leaving school she wanted to become a technical assistant
with TVNZ and today works in television. She has five children.
- waiata: Ka rongo noa ake au........
- waiata: Kapo hia te marama i te rangi e.....
- kaikōrero: Ruia history February 1531 Kingi Henry 8th became Head of the
Church in England.
- 1564 Galilaeio putaiao was born
- 1564 Christopher Marlow was born
- 1587 Mary Queen of Scotts died.
- 1685 Fredick Handle wsa born
- 1821 John Keats died.
- 1839 Queen Victoria met Phillip ?
- 1848 French Army War
- 1938?
- 1952 King George the 6th died. NB: some of these date could be incorrect..
- waiata: Ka huna ra nga toni whetu ? .........programme ends.