NIGHTLINE. 28/06/1991

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Presenter: Joanna Paul
Presenter: Belinda Todd
Reporter: Ian Wishart
Reporter: Gordon Harcourt
Reporter: Mark Everton

A Vietnam war hero, 39 year old Dave Quigley, has been freed from an Auckland jail cell after a change of heart by immigration. He is in the country to addend the 30th anniversary of the New Zealand chapter of the Hells Angels Motor Cycle Club.
Speaker: Dave Quigley, (Hells Angel).

Tonight has been a bad night on Wellington roads with two multi car accidents. In the first accident, involving six cars, a young women died and four people were taken to hospital. The second accident involved seven cars but no one was hurt.
Speaker: Senior Station Officer Ian Capewell, (Fire Service).

A 30 year old ships officer, has been charged with stealing 150,000 dollars from the Navy’s research ship Tui. The cash in Australian, US and New Zealand currency has been recovered.

Egg rare birds eggs smuggled into the country left today as tiny chicks in tennis balls strapped to human couriers. The chicks and remaining unhatched eggs are traveling to a private zoo in Singapore.

Police in Christchurch are searching for leads in a fire deliberately lit in a restaurant. The fire was contained before it spread to nearby shops.

The expected finding of a government report out tomorrow is that the wild horses in the Kaimanawa Range may have to be culled.

The Warratahs prepare for a national tour.
Speaker: Barry Saunders, (Vocals); Wayne Mason, (Keyboards).

External Relations Minister Don McKinnon advisors New Zealanders to postpone visits to Yugoslavia as a potential civil war breaks out. The current situation is causing great concern to New Zealand’s Yugoslavian community and to the families of Kiwi’s holidaying there.
Speakers: Louis Dean, (Auckland Yugoslav Society); Paul Leigh, (Tour Operator).

A government bid to stop One Network News revealing confidential information on the budget was abandoned before it got to court. The leaked documents, revealed last night, indicated a levy on wages would be used to fund, non work related ACC accidents. The documents also revealed that a committee is looking at user pays in health.
Speaker: Bill Birch, (ACC Minister).

The police have been ordered to pay former Commonwealth Games boss David Johnston 33 thousand dollars in damages. Johnson and Neil Williams had been charged with defrauding Hamilton based Dairy Containers Ltd of more than 6 million dollars. The Crown asked that the case be dismissed and the court decided the police acted in bad faith in bringing the charges.

A 23 year old woman was killed instantly when 3 cars collided head on in Plimmerton, north of Wellington tonight. Her teenaged brother escaped unhurt.

The bitter cold over the country is playing havoc with the countries roads. Central Otago was badly affected also suffering from road closures.

Air New Zealand announced a 19 million dollar loss for the year and the company forecast further layoffs with as many as 500 jobs being cut.

The Bendon clothing company has told about 300 of its workers they will be going on to a four day working week.

A sharp rise in business confidence and the chance of negative inflation may signal the end of the depression according to the National Bank’s latest survey.
Speaker: Robin Clements, (United Bank Economist).

In Christchurch MAF officers have seized a commercial fishing boat, raided fish factories and homes and seized company records. It is believed more than 50 tons of illegal fish quoters are involved in the investigation.

The Agricultural Minister, John Falloon, said lamb sales this year were an unmitigated disaster, at a Farming Conference today. The ministers is blaming the meat companies for under cutting each other and being out smarted by British supermarkets. He also had some hard words for the wool industry, saying it had not progressed for 50 years.
Speaker: John Falloon, (Agricultural Minister)

Check-Up - The fight against infertility has entered a new phase with an egg donor programme beginning in Auckland. About 20 couples are waiting for the eggs.
Speakers: Freddy Graham, (Fertility Specialist); Robyn Irwin, (Clinical Psychologist).