6.30 NEWS. SATURDAY 09/08/1986

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6:30 NEWS
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New Zealand/Aotearoa
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News, sport and weather.

Main stories:
A 24 hour drama in high seas ended a few minutes ago when a Tongan freighter reached the safety of Croisilles Harbour. The “Tasi” listed badly last evening when waves unbalanced its cargo of cement. Speaker: Bill Jarman (Pacific Shogun Master).

Overnight falls of snow and heavy rain in the South Island have closed some highways and raised river levels in many districts. Speaker: Chris Webster (Weather Office).

Other Stories:
Customs Officers at Auckland International Airport have seized two kilograms of cocaine. It is New Zealand’s biggest cocaine bust.

The Prime Minister says amended protocols for the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone will now have to be taken back to the nuclear powers for their consideration. Speaker: David Lange (Prime Minister).

The French Government is reported to be indignant over the South Pacific Forum’s decision to refer the New Caledonia independence issue to the United Nations Committee on Decolonisation.

President Reagan’s health.

New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Wallace (Bill) Rowling, says there are continuing differences on trade questions between New Zealand and the United States Congress and administration. But he says nothing has changed for the worst since New Zealand was shut out of the ANZUS alliance.

Car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon.

The latest New Zealand Herald-NRB poll shows that support for the National Party has jumped upwards since March.

A school and a factory have been seriously damaged by fires in Auckland overnight and this morning.

A report examining whether Hollywood should be tampering with it’s old black and white classics by colourisation.

The Wallabies have defeated the All Blacks in a rugby union test match at Athletic Park this afternoon.

New Zealand versus England test match at Trent Bridge.

The team for New Zealand’s America’s Cup challenge was announced today.

New Zealand golfer Greg Turner is blitzing the European scene and currently leads the Swedish Open.

Nearly 2000 people are expected to be on hand for tonight’s finals of New Zealand’s first National Aerobics Championships. Speaker: Phillip Mills (Competition Organiser).

The Grand National Steeplechase was won by Crown Star.

A jockey has beaten his horse across the line in England.


Update on the “Tasi”.