Media type
Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa

This amateur film documents the activities of the Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry following the Second World War. It is in two parts; one in black and white and the other in colour. Points of interest in these films include massed cavalry on parade, skirmish drill and displays of horsemanship, and in the colour section, cavalry troopers attempt to spear targets with the end of their lances from atop galloping horses.

General Views: Officers standing in field smiling for camera.
Officers in uniform posing for group photo outside tent.
General Views: Soldiers brushing and grooming horses with tents in background.
General Views: Soldiers standing outside canteen hut drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.
General Views: Soldiers standing on parade near tents and awaiting orders to take feedbags to horses.
Soldiers marching with lines of tents in background.
General Views: Officers arriving at encampment in cars and walking near tents.
Officers standing talking with two young women near line of tents.
Soldiers and two young women walking towards camera talking and laughing.
Pan Across: From young girl seated atop horse to line of cavalry horses tethered near tents.
High Shot - Long Shot - General Views: Lines of cavalry advancing across ridge line.
High Shot overlooking soldiers laying amongst tussock firing rifles.
Soldiers riding four abreast
Pan Across: Horses standing in groups with feedbags on noses.
General Views: Soldiers wrestling and play fighting, relaxing and talking near tethered horses.
Wide Shot - General Views: Officers riding out and inspecting cavalry on parade.
General Views: Cavalry performing drill at the trot - officers waving sabres to give orders.
General Views: Cavalry soldiers performing skirmish drill - jumping obstacles, dismounting and taking up firing positions.
General Views: Cavalry soldiers riding about on open field and dismounting to grab hats which lie in a pile.
Wide Shot - General Views: Mounted soldier riding across field trying to pick up object [with lance / stick]. Tents and spectators in background.
Officer and NCO standing talking - crowds in background.


General Views: Mounted officers reviewing cavalry on parade.
General Views: Cavalry passing by mounted officer and receiving salute.
General Views: Military trucks, staff cars and motorcyclists driving past mounted officer and receiving salute.
General Views: Cavalry jumping obstacles and fences.
General Views: Cavalry soldiers spearing targets with lances while on the gallop - spectators watching from sidelines.
General Views:
General Views: Soldiers disembarking from trucks and taking up firing positions in paddock.
General Views: Group of military trucks and civilian cars driving through paddock in formation - driver waves flag from window.
General Views: Soldiers standing at attention in front of trucks and cars