6.30 NEWS + TOP HALF. FRIDAY 26/09/1986

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Presenter: Philip Sherry
Presenter: Richard Long
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Reporter: Norris Power
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There is mixed reaction in Kawerau today following the news that the FOL is recommending an end to the 10 week dispute at the Tasman mill.

A split between two of the countries most powerful trade unions appears to be over after a meeting between the unions and the FOL. The Drivers and the Engineers Unions had been pulling in different directions over their pay claims.
Speaker: Rob Campbell, (Distribution Workers’ Federation).

Most South Island Maoris have been banned from exercising their traditional fishing rights while their leaders seek new rights within the law.
Speakers: Riki Tau, (Ngai Tahuu Trust Board); Tom Te Weehi, (Fisherman).

The government will not receive any revenue from GST until December 1, two months after the introduction of the tax. This is because of a rolling system of payments offered by the Inland Revenue.
Speakers: Mick Patel, (Grocer); Jeff Burgess, (Butcher); Trent Hodson, (Chemist); Lee Foley, (Hairdresser); Ita Harper, (Delicatessen Owner).

A top level delegation from Iran currently visiting New Zealand to discuss trade issues, took the opportunity to put forward an Iranian perspective on the 6 year war with Iraq.

New Zealand’s government is responsible for jeopardising regional security in the pacific, according to a senior member of the US Defence Department. New Zealand’s stance on nuclear weapons may encourage super power rivalry, with the Soviet Union taking a greater interest in the region.

A vacant site in central Auckland has become the most valuable piece of real estate in the country, selling for 20 million dollars.

A spat over transport costs has prevented blood, donated in Dunedin, from reaching Auckland, where there is a blood shortage.
Speaker: Dr Jim Faed, (Dunedin Blood Bank).

New Zealand has received two new rapid interventions vehicles, one is headed for Christchurch airport, the other, Auckland airport.
Speaker: Trevor Hulbert, (Manufacturer)

Jan Everest has become Air New Zealand’s first female Captain.
Speaker: Jan Everest, (Captain).

Aucklander Barbara Riley has won the Miss World title in Honolulu.
Ms South Canterbury Charmaine Hicks has lost her crown, after a contract clash with another organisation.
Speaker: Charmaine Hicks, (Beauty Contest Winner)

All Black lock Andy Hayden has announce his retirement from International Rugby
Speaker: Andy Hayden, (All Black).

Top Half.
Auckland police have arrested two men for the murder of 21 year old Andrew Greg. Police believe more people are involved

The Auckland City Councils decision to reject the development plan for a prime Karangahape Road site has been welcomed by shop owners in the area.
Speakers: Tony Ward, (University Lecturer); Elizabeth Currey, (Auckland City Councillor)

The Aids Foundation says that the belief that aids only effects homosexuals is a dangerous misconception. The Foundation wants women to realise they are at risk as well.
Speaker: Kate Leslie, (Aids Foundation).

A rapidly growing network of support groups is helping ease the load of parenthood.
Speakers: Sue Alexander, Darryl Davies, (New Mothers Support Groups); Vicky Rendell, Josephine Short, (New Mothers).

Waikato prepare to take on North Harbour tomorrow for a place in rugby’s first division.
Speakers: Duncan Dysart, (Waikato Coach); Tony Wynne, (Rugby Commentator).