6.30 NEWS + TOP HALF. TUESDAY 30/09/1986

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The 76 day record strike and lockout at the Tasman Pulp and Paper Mill at Kawerau has ended. The workers voted overwhelming to return to work, despite being defeated on ever major issue.

New Zealand diplomats are close to clinching an agreement on mining and oil exploitation of the Antarctic.

New scientific evidence shows just how serious the survival of Rotorua’s thermal springs is and if urgent measures aren’t taken all the springs could dry up.
Speaker: Dr Gary Turner (Geophysicist).

The government will have to rethink its industrial relations package, according to one of its backbenchers Fred Gerbick. The sticking point is a contestability clause.

Two of the countries biggest supermarket chains estimate GST will increase the cost of goods by 7 percent on average. This is the message given to the Minister of Finance.
Speaker: Rodger Douglas (Minister of Finance).

In Christchurch, shoppers were spending up large on alcohol, one customer spending 9 thousand dollars.
Speaker: Bruce Drury (Bottle Store Manager)

In Wellington, a GST call centre is taking up to 800 calls a day.
Speakers: Jeff Todd (GST Coordinating Office), Pat Holden (Newton Community

Wrightson Dalgety is cutting interest on rural loans by up to 2 percent.
Speaker: Barrie Downey (Wrightson Dalgety).

The MP for Tamaki, Robert Muldoon, says trade unionist Rob Campbell has been an undercover member of the Socialist Unity Party, according to the SIS.
Speaker: Rob Campbell (Trade Unionist).

The Health Department is asking local bodies and public swimming pool operators to guard against the possible spread of the AIDS virus. A world authority says the virus can survive in untreated water.
Speaker: John Kingi (Pool Attendant).

For the first time, three works of fiction took out prizes in the Wattie’s Book Awards. Witi Ihimaera’s book the Matriarch took first prize.

Fireman Rob Stone is ready to return to work after a three month absence. He will be the only fireman in the country to have a pacemaker.
Speaker: Rob Stone (Fireman).

Last night Susan Devoy suffered her first loss in two years losing to Australia’s Lisa Irving.
Speaker: Susan Devoy (World Squash Champion)

Rugby - Southland beat Counties 45 17 in Invercargill today.

A 41 year old Bristol Freighter, completed its last scheduled flight when it landed at Blenheim today. Safe Airs two remaining planes are heading for museums.

Top Half

Retailers in two Auckland shopping centres are defying the Labour Department and staying open until midnight tonight.
Speakers: David Kemp (Stores Manager), John Rowe (Business Association), Christine Webb, (Store Manageress).

Police have arrested a third man for the murder of Aucklander, Andrew Greg. He was stabbed to death after a party in Freemans Bay nine days ago.

Police investigating the murder of a Waikato man, 52 year old Brian Watts, have shifted their inquiries north as far as Dargaville.

The Health Department is about to tackle the problem of head lice in children.
Speakers: Mabel Yarell (Senior Health Education Officer), Anne Folley, (Supervising Public Health Nurse).

Two groups are vying for control of Takapuna City as long standing Mayor Fred Thomas retires after 21 years.
Speakers: Barbara Durbin (Mayoral Candidate, Independent Ratepayers), Wyn Hoadley, (Mayoral Candidate, Residents and Ratepayers), Therese Weir (Residents and Ratepayers, Glenfield Ward).

The Railways Corporation is cutting back it services to Taumarunui.
Speakers: Michael Nagle (NUR Branch Secretary), Philip Rangi (Relief Worker).

Heart and Lung recipient Charlotte Grant celebrates her sixth birthday tomorrow.
Speaker: Barry Grant (Father).