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Moving image
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Rights Information
Media type
Moving image
Item unavailable online
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
Bellbird Pictures
Producer: Jeff Smith
Director: Jeff Smith
Editor: Jeff Smith
Photography: Simon Ogston
Photography: Jeff Smith
Photography: Pete Gormon
Photography: Sam Folkard
Photography: Simon Raby
B: Fred Goldring
W Archival Footage: Fred Goldring
Sound: Simon Ogston
Sound: Jeff Smith
Sound: Judith Folkard
Music: Chants R&B
With: Jim Tomlin
With: Trevor Courtney
With: Mike Rudd
With: Gordon Cope-Williams
With: Tony Mitchell
With: Nick Bollinger
With: Chris Grozs
With: Raymond John Patrick Columbus
With: Midge Marsden
With: Dave Hurley
With: Dave Hogan
With: Martin Forrer
With: Fred Goldring
With: Matt Croke
With: Tim Piper
With: John Baker

“A necessary unearthing of an essential episode in Kiwi music history, RUMBLE & BANG reintroduces Chants R&B, a short-lived garage rock combo that thrived in 60s Christchurch. The establishment of a US Air Force base gave the youth of the city access to a wealth of R&B, soul and funk long before the rest of New Zealand. Inspired by these new sounds, art students Mike Rudd and Trevor Courtney formed The Chants in 1964. They played a few different venues before taking up a residency at the Stage Door, a cavernous cellar off what was then Hereford Lane. Strongly influenced by the likes of John Mayall and The Pretty Things, whose tour scandalised the nation in 1965, the band renamed themselves Chants R&B and developed a passionate following for their own raucous rhythm and blues (patrons thought R&B stood for rumble and bang). Featuring pristine archival footage from the Stage Door heyday as well as new recordings from the band’s 2007 reunion, Rumble & Bang proves that there was a relevant musical underground in New Zealand long before the days of Flying Nun.”- MM, NZ 2011 International Film Festival programme;; 5/10/2012.

“New Zealand has lost so much in the way of visual and aural archives. But I’m convinced that every sub-culture has an aspirant photographer and film-maker in love with the possibilities who captures the action. Sometimes the results never see the light of day. Occasionally they emerge from under a bed, decades later, to be the backbone of a great documentary. The legendary Chants R&B from Christchurch luckily had an art student friend with a movie camera. Now we can all witness the scene at Christchurch’s Stage Door in the mid-1960s.” - Chris Bourke;; 5/10/2012.