a daughter of christchurch

Media type
Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
Rudall C. Hayward
Cast: Jane Kinsey
Cast: Don Harvey
Cast: Edwin Williams
Writer: Rudall Hayward
Producer: Rudall Hayward
Photography: Rudall Hayward

One of the surviving Girl of Our Town two-reel community comedies produced by Rudall Hayward between 1928 and 1929. Filmed with a stock script (only the names and places changed), only a few of the 23 he produced survive.

The arrogant Freddy Fishface is no match for the handsome Bill Cowcocky and his friends from the country. Bill wins the hand of the pretty school teacher in a battle of wit and goodness.

16 ft. “The taxis used in this production were kindly loaned by White-Band Taxis Ltd, premier taxi service of Canterbury.”
37 ft. “Miss Kinsey’s frocks were supplied through the courtesy of Messrs. Ballantyne & Co. Ltd. The House of Quality.”
49 ft. “INTRODUCTION: Christchurch - fairest of the four Queen Cities of the Dominion.”
76 ft. “Picturesque Glimpses of the City and the River Avon.”
146 ft. “ In the Botanical Gardens; the Rose Garden, one of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere.”
252 ft. “‘Twas Saturday afternoon in the Great Throbbing Metropolis.”
281 ft. “Getting more like New York everyday.”
302 ft. “When a man is run over by a bicycle in Christchurch they call it “death from natural causes.”
317 ft. “A Really Progressive Little Town - Always Forward in Going Backwards”.
352 ft. “The traffic is so thick and dangerous that the 'traffic-cops' wear crash helmets”.
373 ft. “The Square is a great convenience in Christchurch - It will be a bigger one before they have finished with it”.
394 ft. “It was only when a pretty new school teacher arrived that the local lads thought their education had been neglected.”
411 ft. “To create a good impression she put up at the smartest hotel in town.”
445 ft. “Freddy Fishface, newspaper reporter, was first to fall. But he knew all about women. He’d read ‘Married Love’”.
464 ft. “She was an eye-school graduate, who knew her business.”
531 ft. “Bill Cowcockie, a big squatter, had come to town with the wool check, a thirst and a broad mind.”
615 ft. “The ladies of the district, had decided to give our heroine a reception.”
660 ft. “Christchurch reporters can go to anything on a press ticket - except a Scottish Society dinner.”
790 ft. “As well as being a newspaper reporter, Freddy was a volunteer fireman - if the fire was still burning when he has finished his report.”
827 ft. “If you don’t stop dodging fires - I’ll fire you!”
839 ft. “That night Freddy showed our heroine the local beauty-spots by moonlight.”
893 ft. “Freddy was a fast worker in the dark- but the Sidey Time had cramped his style.”
965 ft. “You are a fireman Freddy. You must go when duty calls.”
1053 ft. “Outside the school where our heroine teaches.”
1085 ft. “G-r-r-r-r!”
1126 ft. “The municipal elections were drawing near - in fact people had begun to save the contents of their dustbins.”
11530 ft. “I’m going to run for school committee. If I’m elected, I’ll double your salary.”
1188 ft. “Naughty wicked thoughts had come into Freddy’s mind - so the plot thickens.”
1298 ft. “Car thieving mystery cleared up...”
1316 ft. ELECTION DAY. Bill’s supporters came in from the country to see that the opposition party used fresh eggs.”
1426 ft. “You thief I never want to see you again!”
1532 ft. “For School committee, William Cowcocky majority, one hundred and six.”
1542 ft. “Freddy Fishface has stolen a car and kidnapped your girl!”
1714 ft. “I saw him through the window faking up that newspaper item.”
1792 ft. “Aw cripes, let’s get a spot.”
1824 ft. “Christchurch girls would rather go for a row on the Avon than a motor drive - it’s not so far to walk home.”
1858 ft. The End