a death in the family

Media type
Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Item unavailable online
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
James Wallace Productions
Simon: Jon Brazier
Andy: John Watson
Paul: Ray Edkins
Ben: Simon Prast
Matt: Nigel Harbrow
Tim: Patrick Smith
Usula: Vivienne Laube
The Doctor: Vivienne Laube
Aunty Pam: Elizabeth McRae
Mum: Nancy Flyger
Dad: Derek Harkwick
Cal: Paul Gittens
Maureen: Bernadette Doolan
Director: Stewart Main
Director: Peter Wells
Producer: James Wallace
Director of Photography: Alan Locke
Camera Operator: Rick Allender
Camera Assistant: Greg McPherson
Art Director: Brett Schwieters
Sound Recordist: Hammond Peek
Production Manager: John Spurdle
Production Assistant: Rex Pilgrim
Editor: David Coulson
Assistant Editor: Garth Maxwell
Music: Wayne Laird
Writer: Peter Wells
Thanks To: Roger Blackley
Thanks To: Lorraine Blackley
Thanks To: Gary Cocker
Thanks To: Jean Clarkson
Thanks To: Alison Copland
Thanks To: Bede Stevens
Thanks To: Ray Taylor
Thanks To: Warren Tippett

“It is July 1985. Andrew Boyd, a New Zealander visiting Sydney for treatment, is told he has five days to live.
He has AIDS. He is the fourth person diagnosed in New Zealand.
His family are conservative farmers.
His friends in Auckland take him in.”

Andrew’s gay friends gather around to look after him. His family pay a brief visit leaving a cheque to help his friends with the expenses. A human drama about sexuality, death and the victory of love.

The death notice in the paper read: “BOYD, Andrew. On July 23 1985, at home (peacefully). Loved by his many friends. For details of gathering (non-religious) ph 969-546.”

End Credits: “To all who stay and lend a hand in times of fear and panic.”