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Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
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Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa, Australia
Production company
David Hannay - Tony Williams Productions Pty
Cast: Martyn Sanderson
Cast: Lisa Peers
Cast: Jock Spence
Cast: Vincent Gil
Cast: Perry Armstrong
School Teacher: Francis Edmund
Cast: Uncle Roy
Cast: Davina Whitehouse
Cast: Maxwell Fernie
Cast: Gillian Hope
Cast: Veronica Lawrence
Cast: Val Murphy
Director: Tony Williams
Producer: David Hannay
Producer: Tony Williams
Executive Producer: Bill Sheat
Executive Producer: John Sturzaker
Associate Producer: Tony Troke
Director of Photography: John Blick
Writer: Tony Williams
Writer: Martyn Sanderson
Executive In Charge Of Production: Patrick Cox
Director of Photography: Steve Locker-Lampson
Editor: Tony Williams
Assistant Editor: Annie Collins
Assistant Editor: Rod Prosser
Sound Editor: Dell King
Location Sound Mixer: Robert Allen

A young Australian hitch-hiker falls in love with a solo pilot, who is also a solo father, and the couple fly across the countryside in Paul’s restored Tiger Moth. Their relationship is complicated by Paul’s teenage son Billy, who is feeling left out.

“Solo is an engaging movie, a romantic love story with handsome backgrounds and a saving touch of humour to keep it from being too saccharine [...] The movie manfully resists the temptation to drum up drama with forest fires and plane crashes, and concentrates more on the developing relationship between the two principals, and the girl’s search for truth and her own identity” - (Bev Tivey, “Loners in search of true love”, Daily Telegraph, June 16, 1978)

“Solo was partly financed by Australian money and was regarded as the first New Zealand co-production. Australians appeared in the roles of Judy and Paul. It was the first feature for many of the crew and, like Sleeping Dogs which was shot at the same time, served as a training ground for many filmmakers” - (Helen Martin & Sam Edwards, New Zealand Film 1912 - 1996, Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1997)