ONE NEWS. 11/07/2002

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New Zealand/Aotearoa
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Executive Producer: Phil Wallington
Studio Presenter: Richard Long
Studio Presenter: Judy Bailey

Officials say we will never know what the truth was in the GE corn scandal. 49,000 corn kernels were tested and the results pointed to a very low level of GM contamination, which the government decided was low enough to not make an issue about.
Election week build-up, Helen Clark expresses anger at the slandering against herself and the Labour party in relation to the GE corn, and Paintergate.
A look at what the GM corn did contain, a substance called BT11. It is an allowed substance, but this does not alleviate the concerns of the organic exporters.
Political Editor Mark Sainsbury talks about the effect of the GE corn issue on political parties and the election.
Health services at the Kaitaia Hospital are resumed after some services were withdrawn 6 weeks ago.
Floods in the Waikato region force people to leave their homes.
Western leaders keep a close watch on the Turkish Government, which seems about to collapse.
American police are caught on camera using excessive force on an unarmed black man.
Scientists have found a 7 million year old skull in Central Africa, possibly an early human, possibly the ‘missing link’.
The land under the township of Mangakino, central North Island, previously all lease-hold, has been bought by a developer and will be sold to the inhabitants.
76 year old great train robber Ronnie Biggs marries from jail.
A Chinese writer has forged a new Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and Leopard walk up to Dragon”. Noone has been able to trace the author, but it is selling well.
US stock markets are at a 5 year low.
GE corn: a look at the testing system for GE.
Sport: The Wallabies are in NZ to defend the Bledisloe Cup.
The Tall Blacks versus Hungary.
The Silver Ferns in Auckland, ready for Manchester.
The Tour de France, stage 4, the team time trial.
Matt Halliday, racing driver, is in intensive care.
NZ swim team heads off to Manchester.
John Travolta, new Quantas Ambassador, flies around the world in the Spirit of Friendship.