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Moving image
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Media type
Moving image
Item unavailable online
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
Midnight Films
Director: Jason Stutter
Producer: Andrew Calder
Producer: Jason Stutter
Screenplay: Jemaine Clement
Screenplay: Jason Stutter
Executive Producer: Sue Rogers
Technical Director: Adam Dransfield
Stunts Performed By: Rod Fransham
Fights Choreographed By: Sam Manu
Kitchen Dance Choreographed: Bret McKenzie
Sione Finau: Sam Manu
Tongan Ninja: Sam Manu
Marvin: Jemaine Clement
Action Fighter: Jemaine Clement
Voice Of Tongan Ninja: Jemaine Clement
Miss Lee: Linda Tseng
Voice Of Miss Lee: Laura Hill
Master Magasaki: Charles Lum
Uncle Lee: Charles Lum
Asian Sidekick: Raybon Kan
Herman The Henchman: David Fane
Mr Big: Victor Rodger
Bank Manager: Jed Brophy
Chef Guy: Peter Daube
Knife Man: Sean Allan
Gun Man: Aaron Cubis
Hemi The Henchman: Hoani Siueva
Graham The Henchman: Grant Clifford
Voice Of Graham: Taika Waititi
Chang: Brent Ormsby
Wong: Marty Pine
Famous Rugby Player: Tana Umaga

“This new action-comedy by first-time director Jason Stutter is "a film that will touch your heart, after it's finished with your teeth, ribs, spleen and kneecaps."
He comes from the mighty Kingdom of Tonga (pop: 105,600, principal export: baby squash). He is trained in the ancient art of ninjitsu. He is, unsurprisingly, TONGAN NINJA, and now his story can be told.
Ever since his father was eaten by a fish, Sione was brought up to follow the way of the ninja. Now he must journey toward his greatest challenge and defend the beautiful Miss Lee and her restaurant from Mr Big and the Syndicate. These men will stop at nothing to get their hands on an ethnic hospitality establishment servicing the central business district.
Only his fists and his long years of training in Tonga will help him face Gun Man (he’s good with guns), Knife Man (good with knives), Henchman (good with henches), Chef Guy (you get the idea) and Asian Sidekick. Finally, he must confront his ultimate nemesis - Action Fighter. Will love, and a great deal of physical violence, triumph in the end? You work it out.
Shot in stunning yet convenient locations, Tongan Ninja features exciting new sound and special effects techniques designed to fool the extremely gullible into thinking it was done for real.
Tongan Ninja is something special, something different, something that gives the phrase “this film is yet to be classified” a disturbing new meaning. People who love musicals, people who like sophisticated comedy, devotees of the best Hong Kong action films, foley artists, all will want to corner the makers of Tongan Ninja in a darkened alley and ask “Why?” Tongan Ninja – the film you didn’t know you wanted, until you wanted it.”

From the New Zealand Film Commission.