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Media type
Moving image
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Rights Information
Media type
Moving image
Place of production
New Zealand/Aotearoa
Production company
New Zealand Government Publicity Office

Filmcraft workers from Filmcraft Studios in Miramar (including Len Mitchell) climbing snow covered Ngauruhoe.

0 ft. 'the New Zealand Government Publicity Office presents 'Eternal Fires' New Zealands only active volcano Ngauruhoe'.
11 ft. 'Lavishly endowed by nature, New Zealand possesses a fair share of her bounteous gifts, and the fame of her mountains has been spread afar by visitors from other lands'.
35 ft. 'Of these beautiful mountains, Ngauruhoe is unique, being the Dominion's only active volcano'.
55 ft. 'Where transportation ends... and man-power begins'.
69 ft. 3 men catching supplies thrown by 4th man in truck.
91 ft. fade out.
92 ft. Four men with packs loading packs on back, walking canes.
107 ft. pic. dissolve.
109 ft. Tussock & cloudy skies.
132 ft. 4 men in single file with skis and packs.
144 ft. Four men & mountain in background, pausing to eat.
167 ft. 'Ngauruhoe...the mountain of eternal fire'.
172 ft. 3 men in foreground viewing 2 snow capped mountains.
193 ft. L.S. Ngauruhoe.
218 ft. 4 men walking through tussock.
241 ft. M.S. of Ngauruhoe with men at base.
256 ft. 'Battling against the strong head-wind'.
260 ft. 2 men struggling against the wind in the foreground.
275 ft. 'Scurrying clouds o'er the lofty peaks'.
280 ft. M.S. & C.U. Ngauruhoe with clouds.
302 ft. 'On over 'windy ridge'.
305 ft. 2 men struggling against the wind and walking around boulders at base of mountain.
366 ft. 'In the calm of the sheltering cliffs'.
371 ft. Three men, patch of snow & barren hills.
389 ft. 2 men approach waterfall, remove packs.
404 ft. A refreshing draught from the snow-fed stream.
409 ft. 2 men at stream leaning over rocks to drink from stream.
422 ft. 'Up the snowy slopes of the fiery mountain'.
427 ft. 3 men climbing slope.
461 ft. Wind blown snow covered peak.
468 ft. Mountain valley.
483 ft. Three men climbing slope, cloud in background.
491 f t. 'Ascending the white cloaked mountain side'.
496 ft. 3 men climbing slope.
515 ft. 2 men on rocky slope.
537 ft. 'Nearing their goal'.540 ft. 2 men on snowy, rocky slope.
555 ft. 'Shadowy mists that cloak the jagged mounta in top'.
560 ft. 2 men with mist, resting in the snow.
579 ft. 2 men pausing on ridge.
603 ft. 'Nature's landscape from 'The Top 'o the World'.
608 ft . man looking across mountain tops.
626 ft. 'Approaching the volcano's rumbling throat'.
631 ft. Mist & rocky slope, men in foreground.
649 ft. 3 men walking across snow expanse.
664 ft. Rocky slopes and mist.
674 ft. 'Dense sulphur clouds from the seething fires below'.
679 ft. 2 men and rocky slopes.
709 ft. 2 men on rocky slope, pausing, looking up at slope.
731 ft. 'The crater... scarred and worn by volcanic action'.
736 ft. The crater, steam.
757 ft. Rock and steam.
761 ft. Steam engulfing seated climber.
766 ft. 'The brink of the fathomless pit....'.
771 ft. Rocks & steam. Rocks at edge of crater.
782ft. '...on the summit of 'The Mount of Eternal Fires'.
787 f t. Man on rock, surrounded by steam, mist.
794 ft. (New Zealand Government Publicity crest).
803 ft. Last frame, title fade out. End.