NEWS. ‘86 31/12/1986

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6.30 News
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New Zealand/Aotearoa
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Lindsay Perigo presents a review of the major national and international news events and stories of 1986.

National stories include:

Prime Minister David Lange’s New Year speech.

Sinking of the “Mikhail Lermontov”.

Sinking of police launch “Lady Elizabeth”.

Royal tour of New Zealand.

Whitbread Around the World yacht race.


Halley’s Comet.

Cavaliers rugby tour of South Africa.

Food testing in New Zealand.

Stress for rural New Zealand and the agricultural sector because of the Government’s economic policies.

Road toll.

Floods in South Canterbury and North Otago.

Eve van Grafhorst.

Te Maori exhibition in the United States.

Smoke-free week.

Lorraine and Aaron Cohen.

Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart, “Rainbow Warrior” saboteurs.

Passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.

Edinburgh Commonwealth Games.

Roger Douglas’ third budget.

South Pacific Forum meeting.

New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stance and ANZUS.

National Party’s policy and personality upheavals and Jim Bolger’s election as new leader.

Minor political parties: New Zealand Party and Democratic Party (Social Credit).

Labour Government’s rapid restructuring of the economy.

Fire at the Buller Unemployment Centre.

Death of George Nepia.

Industrial relations, including strikes, changes to industrial legislation, state sector reform, and the wage round.


New Zealand business in Chile.

Economic concerns including GST, easy loans and new banks, expanding business overseas, foreign exchange market, spectacular deals, Ansett, and the booming sharemarket.

David Lange in Europe explaining the anti-nuclear policy.

Peace Year in New Zealand.

Local body elections and the introduction of postal voting.

Environmental issues and protests against mining in the Coromandel and Waikato.

Rajiv Gandhi’s visit.

40th birthday of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Sir Robert Muldoon in the Rocky Horror Show.

New Zealand book awards.

New Zealand film industry and “Footrot Flats” movie.

Waitangi Tribunal hearings including Bastion Point and Ngati Whatua, Manukau Harbour, traditional fishing rights, Maori as an official language, race relations and criticism of the Social Welfare system.

Visit of Pope John Paul II.

KZ7’s America’s Cup challenge in Fremantle.