6.30 NEWS & TOP HALF. 20/02/1987

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6.30 News
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News, sport and weather.

Main stories:
The Government has been warned to think again about rejecting trade union demands if it wants worker support in the general election. The Federation of Labour (FOL) this week highlighted four key demands it says the Government must satisfy to win union backing but Labour Minister Stan Rodger labelled it a propaganda exercise. Now with relations at an all time low pressure is being directed at the Government caucus to avert a union boycott at the next election. Speakers: David Lange (File footage, 1984), Pat Kelly (Labour Party Affiliates Council), Don Goodfellow (National Union of Railwaymen).

The European Community is considering a proposal to sell part of its one million tonne butter mountain to New Zealand, but New Zealanders won’t be spreading it on slices of bread. Instead it may end up in the tanks of diesel trucks and buses.

Other stories:
An avalanche at Colorado’s Rocky Mountains has claimed the lives of two young New Zealand men. They were skiing with a group of friends at the Breckenridge ski field when they were caught in the snow slide early this morning.

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation says funds will dry up next month for what’s been a highly successful campaign against the spread of the deadly virus. Speaker: Warren Lindberg (NZ Aids foundation), Kate Leslie (NZ Aids Foundation).

In Tonga two leading critics of the Government have managed to win seats in Parliamentary elections being held there.

Irish election results.

Fighting in West Beirut and relief for some Palestinian refugees.

The United States has admitted it was one of their submarines that was netted by an Irish trawler yesterday,

It has been claimed that Mikhail Gorbachev will resign if his reforms are blocked.

The Royal Marines have come up with a new way of dealing with sea sickness: acupuncture wristbands.

The Queen has been meeting AIDS doctors.

A family of Cambodian refugees has just settled in Wellington, and their experience bears an uncanny resemblance to the recently released film “The Killing Fields”. Speakers: Rinna Cheakong (Tutor/Translator).

An international authority on deer hunting says stalking game in New Zealand forests could easily become a thing of the past. Speaker: Rex Forrester (Hunting Guide).

New Zealand has struggled on the opening day of the cricket test match against the West Indies at the Basin Reserve, but opener John Wright spearheaded a recovery.

It’s been predicted the Rugby World Cup competition could be a huge failure if the Rugby Union and its marketing company don’t run an extensive promotion campaign in the next few weeks. Speakers: Bob Schumacher (”Press” Rugby Reporter).

When comment was sought from World Cup organisers Network News was met with total confusion.

Young swimmers continue to re-write the record book on the second day of the National Age Group Championships in Dunedin, with 17 new marks so far.

Australian driver Peter Brock is expected to announce his future plans this weekend after splitting with his racing team.

Victoria Golf Open highlights.

National Aerobatics Championships at Waipukurau. Speaker: John Luff (Competitor).

Top Half.