6.30 NEWS & TOP HALF. 25/02/1987

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6.30 News
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News, sport and weather.

Main stories:
Trading banks around the country are threatened with strike action. Thousands of bank staff are holding meetings to discuss their response to a pay increase of 7.5% offered by their employers. Today’s meetings included staff from Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Lower Hutt, Dunedin and Invercargill and all voted to reject the offer. They’ve opted instead for strike action, beginning on Monday week. Speaker: Angel Foulkes (Bank Officers’ Union).

Angry state unions today hit out at the Government’s decision to lay off public servants who are still without jobs six months after the state sector has been revamped. Public Service Association Colin Hicks says the decision comes as a complete bombshell to state workers. He says the Government has broken its promise of no compulsory redundancies. Speakers: Colin Hicks (PSA President), Stan Rodger (State Services Minister).

Other stories:
Employment consultants say many key public servants will be leaving their jobs for better paid positions in the private sector because of Government moves to keep pay increases at or below 10%. Speaker: Tony Smith (Management Consultant), Rob Crozier (University Teachers’ Association).

West Coasters are bracing themselves for more bad news on the employment front. Tomorrow the new Coal Corporation structure is unveiled and many Coasters fear for their jobs in the mining industry. The Corporation is taking over the old state coal mines and has already warned cutbacks are inevitable. Speakers: Barry Dallas (Greymouth Mayor), Tony Mangan (Runanga Miners’ Union).

In a big financial takeover the United Building Society has brought the Marac Building Society. Marac, with assets of more than $60 million, was owned by NZI Corporation.

Police in Northland are investigating the deaths of two men after they were admitted to different hospitals for what were considered routine operations. The two died within a few weeks of each other in Kaitaia and Whangarei. In the latest case a man died after surgery for a broken ankle. Speaker: Jean Murray (Widow).

New Zealand may soon tighten up its immigration procedures to prevent people with AIDS coming to live here. A review of health requirements for potential immigrants is underway and similar measures are being considered by Australia and Great Britain. Speaker: Kerry Burke (Immigration Minister).

The world’s banking system has been dealt its second blow in a week with the collapse of a bank bond market, leaving banks with large losses. Meanwhile Brazil has decided to stop paying interest on its foreign debt.

President Reagan has blamed his memory for conflicting evidence given about the Iran-Contra affair. Meanwhile the Tower Report on the affair is to be released soon.

Today is the first anniversary of the Philippines “People Power” revolution.

One of the country’s most colourful business leaders Sir Francis Renouf is retiring as Chairman of the Renouf Corporation. Renouf’s decision to step down is just one part of a series of complicated financial deals centred around his empire.

Rugby World Cup organisers are convinced the tournament will be a runaway success, despite what some critics say. Critics say the event has been badly planned and is heading for disaster. But organisers say everything is well in hand. Speakers: Dick Littlejohn (World Cup Committee Chairman), Andy Haden (Former All Black), Jim Campbell (World Cup Organising Committee), Bob Howitt (Travel Agent).

New Zealand under 20 versus Australian Youth XI cricket test. Speakers: Lee Germon (NZ Player), John Howell (Cricket Council Coaching Director).

The Hillary Commission held its first meeting in Auckland today, its the organisation that will be replacing the Ministry of Recreation and Sport and is likely to cause a major shake-up in the financing of New Zealand sport. Speakers: Sir Ron Scott (Hillary Commission Chairman).

Barrier Trials at Addington. Speaker: Dick Lee (Trainer/Driver).