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News and Current Affairs.

Main Stories:
The picket outside Auckland’s Queens Wharf continues tonight, with the prospect of the dispute escalating. The dispute revolves around a new law that has opened up competition for work on the wharves putting watersiders into areas previously the domain of Harbour Board unionists. It is further complicated by the impending transfer of Harbour Board assets to port companies. Speakers: Jim Baxter (Akld Pres Harbour Workers’ Union), John Halling (Auckland Ports Management), David Young (Chief Executive, Waterside Employers Assn).

There could now be as many as 5000 New Zealanders infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. This has prompted the Health Department to start a new campaign targeted at heterosexuals with frank advertisements on how to avoid the illness. Speakers: Dr Karen Potasi (Health Department), Kate Leslie (Aids Foundation), Daniel Fielding (People with Aids Collective), Dr Kitty Corxan (Virologist), Dr Steven Gardiner (Auckland Hospital).

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world but with proper screening that rate could be halved according to a visiting Swedish expert who advocates a nation-wide screening programme. Speakers: Barbara Holt (Cancer Patient), Dr Laszlo Tabar (Mammography Specialist), Professor David Skegg (Otago University Medical School).

American pit bull terriers are now being bred and sold in New Zealand. Speakers: Wesley Bell (Veterinary Surgon), Bob Kerridge (Auckland SPCA), Garry Topping (Breeder), Flip Calkoen (Dog Trainer).

Other Stories:
The Auckland Civil Liberties Council has condemned as totally inadequate the police explanation for a police dog attack on a South Auckland man on the weekend. Speakers: Chief Inspector Don McConnell (Auckland Police).

The trial of eleven men charged with the Tongan machete killing in Auckland began today. It could be one of the most expensive in legal history.

The 19 year old Filipino youth who confessed to sexually assaulting a young Wellington girl has flown home to Manilla.

Disputes between the Government and the Labour Party have come to a head. At issue is a Government plan to increase prescription charges.

There’s a new twist in the Maori fishing wrangle: the Government is now facing legal action from fishing companies. The companies want the Waitangi Tribunal’s Muriwhenua decision overturned. Speaker: Doug Gordon (Fishing Industry Association).

The Department of Foreign Affairs turned away a Soviet communications vessel which was attempting to dock at Wellington.

The space shuttle Discovery is due back on earth in a few hours. Speaker: Lt Sue Komyathy (USAF Weather Service), Richard Hauk (Shuttle Commander).

There is speculation the head of the South African Rugby Union, Danie Craven, will meet members of the outlawed anti-apartheid movement this week to discuss an end to the Springboks sporting isolation.

A British rugby league side has poached another potential All Black, Wellington forward Emosi Koloto. He is the third top recruit to league in the last twelve months.

There will be an exciting end to the Formula One drivers championship.

Europe’s richest horse race was won by an Italian horse.

Disgraced Canadian athlete Ben Johnson has promised to clear his name.

Brierley Investments recorded its first drop in profit in twenty years. However, Sir Ron Brierley is now saying New Zealand is no longer an ideal base for the business and the company could move offshore because of the tax system.

On the share market the Barclays Index finished up 1 point.