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Ngā Kōrero Stories

Explore posts by Ngā Taonga staff and guest writers about Aotearoa New Zealand’s audiovisual history, archiving, taonga Māori and more.


7 December 2023

A look at how homegrown sound-on-film technology changed the making and showing of feature films in the 1930s.

8 November 2023

Producer John Barnett reflects on the film that brought Murray Ball's beloved comic strip to life on the big screen.
Cartoon film poster.

3 July 2023

We reflect on the documentary films of Jan and Luit Bieringa and our time working with them, ahead of the National Library's special screenings of their films.
Promotional material for film screenings.

24 January 2023

Norman Blackie was a keen amateur filmmaker, who arrived in Tauranga with his wife Odine in 1942.

8 December 2022

In 1934 Ōtaki was the site of a major commemoration – the Diamond Jubilee of Archbishop Francis Redwood. The occasion is beautifully captured in a newsreel.
Archbishop Francis William Redwood.

2 November 2022

An intern discusses the project to create a database and finding aid for the archived works of Dame Gaylene Preston.
Photo of Dame Gaylene Preston sitting in a house.


22 March 2022

A look at some quirky retro television adverts for New Zealand meat products.
Man holding Christmas turkey in pan.

13 April 2021

What makes a good jingle? Is it more than just ‘catchy and clever’? Maybe instantly memorable, inane or frustrating.
Loxene Hair Cream

23 March 2021

We wanted to take a look at some advertising jingles that, even in a small way, have soundtracked parts of our lives.

5 May 2019

Television has captured the life and culture of New Zealand in a way few other media have.
A wooden shelf unit displays many televisions. On one of the screens Jacinda Ardern can be seen speaking in parliament.

23 January 2019

Part of a wider “Different Faces” series, ads promote Gregg’s Coffee, which present an idyllic picture of a NZ, characterised by racial and generational diversity.
Still from Gregg's Coffee TV advert - people on the beach at Oriental Parade.

12 January 2017

Happy new year. Ngā mihi o te tau hou. We hope you are having a summer full of colour!
A young woman in a red dress is riding a bicycle with Levene branded paint tins loaded on the front.


15 September 2023

By sound history researcher Sarah Johnston

17 April 2023

Part two of a two-part blog.
A group of men in heavy coats pose beside a truck in the desert

17 October 2022

A famed hotel with a war-era connection for a lucky few Kiwi soldiers.
Exterior view of Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo

6 July 2022

Sound history researcher Sarah Johnston examines life onboard the troop ship on which the Broadcasting Unit was travelling during WWII.
Shaved man being pushed into water with spectators aboard ship.

10 May 2022

A quick history of New Zealand music charts, from the 1950s to 1990s.
Part of a national sales chart.

New Zealand History

1 February 2024

Our annual Waitangi Day programme for 2024.

21 August 2023

Mātauranga Māori specialist Paora Sweeney looks back on an inspiring workshop about conserving cultural taonga.
A group of archivists and kaitiaki holding items outside a marae

13 July 2023

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is proud to present Matariki Kanohi Iti, our original programme for Matariki 2023.
Paora Sweeney speaking to camera at Zealandia

29 May 2023

A look at collection items relating to Hillary, Tenzing and Mt Everest on the 70th anniversary of their famous climb.
Hillary and Tenzing shaking hands. Courtesy Horowhenua Historical Society Inc.

14 December 2022

14 December 2022 marks 100 years since the crew of the HMS Chatham presented the Chatham Cup to the New Zealand Football Association.
Eight men are pictured playing a game of football

2 August 2022

A spotlight on some of the animated items in the collection, and where they fit in the history of animation in Aotearoa.


24 August 2023

A look at the technical elements of a major preservation project.
A strip of film from the series Tangata Whenua on the workbench

13 July 2023

A look at the human element of a major preservation project.
Behind the scenes photo of a film crew shooting an interview at a marae in the 1970s

26 August 2022

Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho is a five-part online series about the practice of archiving taonga Māori.
Mai and Khali select a videotape from the vault.

20 July 2021

We all have a role to play in keeping this language alive through discovery and adoption.
A silver microphone against a background of Māori carvings.

30 March 2021

Each year the nitrate film collection of Ngā Taonga is ‘wound through’ as an essential part of its safe keeping.