Soldier holding tape player.


Aotearoa New Zealand, as seen on TV.

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22 March 2022

A look at some quirky retro television adverts for New Zealand meat products.
Man holding Christmas turkey in pan.

13 April 2021

What makes a good jingle? Is it more than just ‘catchy and clever’? Maybe instantly memorable, inane or frustrating.
Loxene Hair Cream

23 March 2021

We wanted to take a look at some advertising jingles that, even in a small way, have soundtracked parts of our lives.

5 May 2019

Television has captured the life and culture of New Zealand in a way few other media have.
A wooden shelf unit displays many televisions. On one of the screens Jacinda Ardern can be seen speaking in parliament.

23 January 2019

Part of a wider “Different Faces” series, ads promote Gregg’s Coffee, which present an idyllic picture of a NZ, characterised by racial and generational diversity.
Still from Gregg's Coffee TV advert - people on the beach at Oriental Parade.

12 January 2017

Happy new year. Ngā mihi o te tau hou. We hope you are having a summer full of colour!
A young woman in a red dress is riding a bicycle with Levene branded paint tins loaded on the front.

16 April 2016

To say that this contemporary dance-theatre work was ground breaking in terms of content and subject matter is an understatement.
People protesting in Tauranga against the 'Now is the Hour' production.